4 Reasons Why a Troop Canvas Bag Makes the Perfect Go-To

4 Reasons Why a Troop Canvas Bag Makes the Perfect Go-To


Whether you’re a cutting-edge fashionista or an aficionado of the outdoors, we all need those key staples in our wardrobe. They’re those versatile items that complement almost any outfit and add real functionality to our closet. If you’re looking for a top accessory that has this versatility, look no further than a Troop canvas bag.

Style, utility, variety, these bags have it all. In fact, there are several reasons why your Troop bag will be your next wardrobe-wide favourite.

  1. Eco-Friendly Fashion

Everyone wants to look their best, but if you can do it without enlarging your carbon footprint, it’s that much better. Troop canvas bags start with canvas, of course, which comes from natural cotton pulp. The straps and other add-ons are made of genuine leather.

In other words, these bags are structured with natural materials as opposed to plastic. This makes them more biodegradable in addition to minimising the plastic fibers that escape into our waterways, which is a source of dangerous pollution.

  1. Style for Everyone

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, browsing brand after brand to find that one perfect style isn’t ideal. Instead, skip ahead to one category that has it all: Troop’s canvas bags.

The bags come in a wide range of finish styles, types of bags, colors, and sizes. Among all that variety, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for any outfit or style du jour.

  1. Unmatched Quality

With most brands, even after you’ve put in all that work to find the perfect style in a variety world of handbags and backpacks, the payoff is temporary. Your “perfect bag” might last a matter of months before it starts looking worn or dated. Then you’re back on the exhausting hunt again.

Troop’s canvas bags are the exception. The brand as a whole is known for its top-notch quality. They’re the pros of combining traditional tried-and-true leather working and craftsmanship skills with the latest innovative tools for a consistent, high-quality product that truly lasts.

  1. Serious Storage

Bags are more than just fashion accessories. We use them for a purpose: to store and conveniently carry everything we need for each occasion. You wouldn’t know that by looking at some of today’s bags, with tight and impractical pockets or a singular, unorganised compartment that turns into a junk drawer.

Troop canvas bags are more than stylish – they’re genuinely useful. For one, the brand features an array of bag styles including bags built for extensive storage, like backpacks, messenger bags, and duffel bags. Even their smaller bags have well-optimised space, often with multiple organisational pockets or structures so you can always find what you need in an instant. 

Making a Troop Canvas Bag Your Next Wardrobe Staple

 From date night to a hike through the woods, finding the right bag decides whether the occasion is a fun, hassle-free day or a downright struggle that leaves your shoulders pained or ends with you losing valuable items. For any occasion, a Troop canvas bag is the perfect merger between style and purpose. To find out for yourself, shop our Troop canvas bags online.