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Why Troop Bag?

skilled craftsmanship

We merge the technology of using the latest methods in bag making, and combine it with the tradition of skilled leather craftsmanship to bring you some of the finest accessory collections.

Our traditional leather manufacturing process is divided into three fundamental steps: the preparatory stage, tanning, and crusting. All our leathers undergo these careful sub-processes.

traditional leather manufacturing process


precision making quality

Our cotton pulp is spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable yet durable canvas material. It is then stonewashed to give it a unique Troop® feel that shapes all our collections.


Troop bag quality control

All Troop® bags also undergo strict quality control protocols to ensure every bag is a well-made bag. Each Troop® product undergoes stringent examination before leaving our factory.


Quality Troop Canvas Bags