4 Factors to Consider Before Picking a Traveling Bag

Men tend to use bags that are within their reach. They do not care whether it is a drawstring, gym bag, or outdated backpack from the ‘90s. However, times have changed, and men’s tastes have evolved. They have become more conscious of what they wear and how people react.

 The term “man bag” emerged, referring to the bag all men should carry with pride. But in choosing the perfect man bag, what factors should you consider?

  1. The Size

 Size does matter—especially when it comes to your choice of bag. Men always seem to fall into the trap of choosing a bag that’s too big for their needs. How many times have we seen them carry a bag that’s meant for the gym?

 Picking the perfect size for your bag depends on what exactly you’ll use it for. Is it for work, for gym essentials, or for overnight trips? Identify the primary reason for the bag to know what size to get. 

  1. The Colour

 A bag is a timeless purchase. Unless you intend to buy one of each colour, a bag must be able to adjust to any outfit you have on. Steer clear of outlandish or trending colour combinations. Instead, go for a neutral shade that works best for both business and leisure.

 Remember to check your wardrobe to see if you need a dark-coloured or light-coloured bag to highlight your current style. But if you’re adventurous, try the colours tan, grey, navy, khaki green, or burgundy. These colours are not too eye-popping, but they are enough to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

  1. The Material

 Picking the suitable material for your bag is a sign of practicality. There is no point in choosing a bag that’s made out of cotton canvas if you live in a place with plenty of rain. Likewise, it’s useless to pick out delicate fabrics like suede if the bag will be used as a daily, all-around bag.

 The best material for bags is canvas. It is durable, practical, and affordable. It is best for bags with casual styles, such as backpacks, totes, holdalls, and cross bodies. However, there are two types of canvas: fabric canvas, made from high quality thick woven cotton, and coated canvas, made from cotton-coated PVC. Mid-priced brands usually use fabric canvas, while coated canvas is what luxury brands use.

  1. The Detailing And Hardware

 The last point on the list is for men who are keen on details. Detailing and hardware should be among your concerns as it deals more with the bag’s aesthetics rather than functionality. However, detailing and hardware is also a sign that the bag is made out of quality materials.

 Remember to check for the bag’s buckles, zippers, and fastenings. Pay close attention to the stitching and stress points where the handle joins the body of the bag. Last, check the protective leather piping in corners for the bag’s increased durability.

 Other details may include internal compartments or pockets to help you organise your day-to-day essentials. Find out if there is a padded compartment for devices like laptops or tablets. Don’t forget to check if the shoulder straps are padded to ensure comfort over long periods of use.


 In choosing the perfect “man bag,” consider the function of the bag before its aesthetics. Check for its quality and durability. If you treat bags as an investment, choose something with a colour that’s easy to match and timeless. Of course, choose a bag that you’re comfortable using. Never pick out something that you’ll never use.

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