Backpacks and Messenger Bags—Which One Should You Pick

Picking a bag to use is much like trying to pick a t-shirt to wear. It can either be really easy or really, really hard. If you're the latter, don't worry. Despite the challenge you're facing, there's still hope for you to pick the right type of bag to wear and use for both functional and aesthetic reasons. 

That being said, we want to talk about messenger bags and backpacks—two incredibly common day-to-day backpacks many people use. Which one is better for you? That's the question we're going to answer today by telling you what these two bags are:


Backpacks are two-strap bags that are generally used for carrying heavy loads. This is because the weight is distributed evenly across both shoulders, making it not only more comfortable to wear but more protective of your back and posture. 

When it comes to versatility, a backpack will be much more versatile than messenger bags. Whether you want them to use for work, going to the mall, or even hiking, a backpack can work well in all situations. This also means that you really only need one backpack to do multiple things. Also, since they sit vertically on your back, they're much easier to pack. Overspills can still be strapped on the bag's outside, allowing you to carry more things.

The main drawback of a backpack is security. You don't have your eyes on the backpack, and this means just about anyone can attempt to steal your items. Also, backpacks don't generally fit that formal look, so some might not see it as a bag for formal occasions. But then again, looks change, and such trends might just include welcoming backpacks to the workplace once more!

Messenger Bags

Unlike backpacks, messenger backs have only one strap that is one on either shoulder. This type of bag is generally used in landscape orientation, allowing it to fight wide and thin things like paper documents, laptops, and other wider items.

A great advantage that messenger bags have over typical backpacks is the fact that you can easily swing them around to your side. When you're on the go or at a standstill, you can open up the backpack without taking it off the body, accessing whatever it is you stored inside. Also, since it isn't resting on the back, it allows your back to breathe easily, keeping you cool.

The main downside of a messenger bag is that they are pretty small. You won't find one that can match the larger backpacks. However, if you don't find yourself carrying that many items in the first place, a messenger bag can more than suffice!


In the end, your decision will mainly be based on two factors: functionality and aesthetics. If you want something sleek and stylish that can still carry the few items you bring daily, a messenger back can be of great use. On the other hand, if you want a versatile bag that can carry many things that don't necessarily have to look formal, a backpack will meet your needs. Which of the two you pick is up to you. But then again, if you truly are having a tough time picking one or the other, why not grab one of each? This way, you have a bag for any occasion!

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