Duffel Bag Shopping Guide - Factors to Consider

Bags are a must-have for anyone’s closet, but out of all the types available, a duffel bag is one of the most versatile and handy accessories for every kind of everyday need. With various shapes, sizes, and styles, duffel bags can pack as much punch as it is practical for travel, gym, errands, and other activities. Some popular types of duffel bags include the following:

  • Barrel
  • Squared
  • Rolling
  • Backpack
  • Cooler
  • Brand Name
  • Waterproof
  • Custom

Duffel bags can keep up with the demands of a hectic lifestyle as it has enough space to carry your essentials, plus it doesn’t hurt that they look aesthetically pleasing too. They’re also crafted with higher quality materials, so you can trust a duffel bag to last for years. But not all duffel bags are made the same, so it’s important to choose one that suits your fashion taste and needs. 

What to Consider When Shopping for the Ideal Duffel Bag 

Factor #1: Size and Capacity

One of the most important qualities you need to look into when shopping for a duffel bag is its space and available capacity, especially since its purpose is to hold your things. What are you planning to bring and where will you go? These two questions should help narrow your choices when exploring different sizes. 

For instance, small duffel bags can provide 25 to 50 litres of usable space and meet the acceptable requirements for most U.S. airlines for carry-on, travelling purposes. You can also fly without paying for extra luggage with a medium-sized duffel bag, which can hold a capacity of 50 to 75 litres. 

Factor #2: Weight 

Keep in mind that even if you meet the recommended luggage weight for airlines, the weight of the duffel bag may completely throw your estimate out of scale. After all, duffel bags are made with different materials and accents that can add as much as 20 per cent to their total weight. With that in mind, be sure to choose duffel bags that you can easily carry even when walking on a flight of stairs. 

Factor #3: Straps and Handles

Part of the comfort factor in duffel bags relies on an easy-to-hold strap and handle. Straps, for example, can help you carry the duffel bag hands-free, either using a backpack-style or shoulder-style strap. On the other hand, carry handles and grab handles also feel different and may affect how comfortable you feel when manoeuvring the duffel bag using your hand. 

The Bottom Line: Buying a Duffel Bag that’s Right For You

Duffel bags are multi-purpose accessories that can make your travels, commute, and day-to-day life easier in more ways than one. With different kinds of duffel bags to choose from, the right pick should be the one that meets all your unique needs, from the weight, size, organisation add-ons down to your style preferences. 

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