Waist Packs - 5 Reasons Fanny Packs is the Best Fashion Trend

Waist packs, also called fanny packs, are probably among the best fashion trends ever to grace the world. Although the general public has a personal view about it being a fashion accessory, waist packs have made fashion exciting due to their eccentricity. From funky prints to single solid colours, they have become staples, especially for those who are experimental with what they wear. But how did waist packs become one of the best fashion trends?

  1. Always a Hit

Waist packs may be one of the most versatile fashion accessories available in the market. Secondary to baseball caps, they can fit in almost every style possible. For people who are not too fashion-savvy, fanny packs can become great add-ons to a lacking or dull outfit. Overall, they fit best in street style. However, most fashion models now wear them even during formal events and a little black dress and a suit.

  1. Easy to Style

Compared to traditional designs, waist packs now come in various styles that easily fit in any person’s wardrobe. If people from the 90s realise that their staple accessories in the past will come back as fashion statement pieces, they might look at you and laugh. However, the future is bright for waist packs, and they have been part of every high fashion season show for the past few years now.

  1. Quick and Easy Accessories

The best thing about waist packs is that they can quickly become an add-on or the statement piece in an outfit. People can jazz up their looks to become an instant attraction at any party or gathering with a few tweaks. However, be careful as waist packs can become easily tacky, and you wouldn’t want to become the talk of the town who wore a terrible outfit to an event.

  1. Instant Deal-Maker

Although most people have many opinions on waist packs, the idea of wearing them in public can become polarising. Some enjoy the view of a bag hanging on their waist, styled like a cute accessory to an outfit. Meanwhile, others see it as a utility pouch where contractors can put their tools for safety. However, no matter what society thinks about a waist pouch, it is still an instant deal-maker due to its functionality and beauty. You can never go wrong with it!

  1. The Best Trend to Come Back

Lastly, waist packs are one of the trends in the 80s and 90s to come back around. But no matter which decade people are in, they are still the same accessories everyone loved in the past. Compared to shoulder pads, they are the kind of trend that people would jump right into and not think about how it looks on them. Overall, wearing waist packs is all about owning a style and eccentricity that everybody possesses.


People’s views about waist packs stay the same—they base their opinions on how waist packs trickled down from high fashion houses to retail department stores and the people wearing them in streets today. However, they do not understand that the more they talk about waist packs, the more they rise in popularity. Look at every celebrity shot on the street by paparazzi; they all wear the same bag on their waist—with confidence and coming from a place of bravery. 

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