Why Traveling with a Backpack Is Easier than with Luggage

Why Traveling with a Backpack Is Easier than with Luggage

The world is slowly but surely opening up again, which means you will be off to your airport again soon. When you arrive there for your next flight, peek at how others are bringing their items around. You’ll most likely see plenty of wheeled suitcases and a long line at check-in. However, you'll likely see more people with nothing more than a backpack, as it's becoming a quicker and easier way to travel—and we’ll tell you why!

The Backpack

At this point, there's really no wonder that the backpack is being touted as the ideal travel accessory whether it's a long-term trip or a quick weekend getaway. Bulky luggage having to be lugged about everywhere can now be a thing of the past. 

Aside from being easier to maneuver, a backpack is also great for combatting baggage fees and preventing overpacking. Many seasoned travelers have gone from using luggage to just making use of backpacks, including the likes of digital nomads. It should be noted, however, that trading four wheels for a pair of straps isn't just for people who travel everywhere. 

Read on to learn more about why having a backpack makes travel easier than luggage does:

Using a Backpack Is Great for Mobility 

When a traveler chooses to use a backpack, that means both their hands are free for other things—coffee, or their phone, or even their passport and ticket. The last thing anyone that's about to head on a trip wants is to have instances of struggling with belongings from being "one-handed". It's particularly helpful if there's a jacket or a shawl involved during the trip.

It also means avoiding the hassle of pulling luggage across surfaces outside the airport because surfaces are uneven. There are many unpaved paths in various cities and streets laden with cobblestone. Whichever way you look at it, the backpack definitely has an upper hand.

Using a Backpack Means Having More Flexibility

As previously mentioned, when there's a backpack in use, people can be far more flexible. Hard-shell suitcases are hardly the best things to use for a weekend with friends at the beach or a fortnight to attend a family affair somewhere else. A backpack means that whatever travel duration is at hand, things can be adjusted easily. If it's not fully stuffed, it can even squeeze into smaller spaces which helps with storage.

Using a Backpack Means Having Something More Durable at Hand

Lots of luggage end up being made with breakable plastic parts that are quite cheap. Since in some cases airline employees tend to toss things around, that's not always the best idea. Backpacks have little to no plastic parts at hand. If there are any damages, repairing a backpack is far easier than the likes of luggage. Zippers can be replaced; rips can be fixed quite easily. On the other hand, if a broken wheel happens to luggage, it may have to be taken in somewhere.


Traveling is something many people love to do and dream of all the time. Contrary to popular belief, hard-shell luggage isn't the best way to pack things to bring on trips anymore. Using a backpack has many advantages, such as having something more durable at hand, more flexibility, and greater mobility.

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