Using Your Duffel Bag as a Carry-on Here’s How to Pack!

Duffel bags are the best luggage for long and short-haul flights alike. They are durable, flexible and quite spacious, which means they'd be great for carry-on purposes. A duffel bag is an ideal carry-on for both weekend trips or extended holidays. It's great for organisation when it comes to belongings, and lots of space that can be made the most of.

Here are some packing tips to help you fill your duffel bag with ease: 

Choose the Appropriate Size

It's important to choose an evidently portable duffel bag. Duffel bags come in plenty of sizes, which meets many needs. It's important to check with the airline what their particular weight and size limit is. While 7kg is the standard weight limit, that's not always the case.

The only downside of the flexible exterior that duffel bags have is that properly measuring them gets tricky. A good rule of thumb is to measure each dimension from their widest points. Measuring from top to bottom, for example, will need the handle's height involved. If there are handles prominent lengthwise and any zippers that are sticking out, those have to be accounted for too.

For accurate measurements, put the bag on a table for height and stand directly over it for length.

Fold the Edges Down

You should fold the top edge of your duffle bag down before you start packing. That way, the bag's bottom can be reached easily. The edges can be folded back up easily as the bag gets more filled.

Go From Least Important to Most Important

The most important items should be packed on top of the duffel bag. Stick to a simple, uncluttered layout that makes sense to you and makes it easier to find what you need quickly. For example, if you're going on a yacht holiday that involves swimming, you're likely not going to need the dress you're bringing for dressy dinners right away. What you will need almost immediately, of course, is sunscreen.

Packing this way helps to prevent the need for rummaging, essentially keeping things rather messy.

Roll Clothes

A great way to save space is by using the rolling method for clothes. Fold and roll clothes so that they end up in a cylindrical shape. 

Undergarments, shirts and pants should be folded in half, lengthwise. Afterwards, a tight roll can be created so that it forms a cylinder. It should be noted that wrinkling will happen if this is doesn't done with some caution. To maintain the shape of the clothing rolls, rubber bands will do well to hold them in place.

Taking on that method will make organising them easier, usually in rows within the bag. 


When it comes to travelling, it's important to have a proper carry-on bag. One of the best options out there is to make use of a duffel bag. Making the most of it can go a long way. Great ways to pack include choosing the appropriate size, folding the edges down and rolling clothes.

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