Useful Tips on Organising Your Messenger Bag

Messenger bags used to have two main compartments because they were functional briefcases. These days, top-notch messenger bags are more versatile, with a separate section for your tablet or laptop. Furthermore, you can now find messenger bags that are made to carry a camera, a tripod or even an entire DJ setup.

But how do you maintain your messenger bag organised and well-cared for, especially if it is the everyday bag you use to transport your laptop and tablet to and from the office? 

No worries, because this article will give tips to help you keep your bag in tip-top shape and your valuables safe and out of harm's way.

  1. Select the Right Bag

Always remember that every messenger bag has a unique design from the other, meaning that no two messenger bags will be the same.

The important thing is to select a bag that will work for your lifestyle. Moreover, you can turn any messenger bag into an everyday one if you wish.

If you're using a messenger bag to transport your laptop, you'll need to select a bag with a dedicated computer compartment. Straps will also hold your laptop in place so that it doesn't move around inside the bag.

  1. Explore Your Bag

Once you have bought your preferred messenger bag, it's time to learn about the layout.

Most messenger bags have a similar design, with a top flap secured with straps and buckles. This flap will fold over to reveal the compartment that holds your tablet, laptop or camera.

If you're buying a messenger bag for the first time, check out the inside of your bag before you leave the store. Open it up, inspect it, and see if you like the design. Also, make sure the straps are adjustable so that the bag fits perfectly.

  1. Never Overstuff Your Bag

Overstuffing your bag is an absolute no-no. You should never force things inside because it'll make your bag heavy and feel like you're carrying a brick on your shoulder. In addition, you'll have a more challenging time finding your things when needed.

One way to overcome overstuffing is to properly use the compartments and always store your things in the right section. If you have a separate area for your laptop and tablet, don't allow them to mingle with your pens, pencils, notepads, and other stationery.

Keeping your bag in order will be much easier if you have designated compartments.

  1. Label Your Bag

Never lose your things or spend minutes searching for them when you have a labeller at home. These little gadgetry devices are inexpensive and helpful if you're fussy about keeping your things in order.

All you need to do is to purchase a pack of label tabs and label them with the name of your laptop, tablet or camera. Label your cables, flash drives, chargers and other things you carry regularly.

Shake it when your bag is complete, and all your things will rattle. This way, you'll be able to keep track of your belongings and find them easily, even after a long day.

Final Thoughts

Organising your messenger bag can be as challenging as arranging your drawers or shelves. However, it's still doable if you know what to do. Regardless of your use, you should always take a few minutes to organise your things. Otherwise, you'll have a messy bag soon.

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