Let’s Differentiate a Messenger Bag from a Backpack!

Back in the day, certain bags had very specific uses. Briefcases were for courtrooms and offices; backpacks were for pupils and those going on a hike. The times have changed; one of the biggest must-haves for everyone is their laptop. In order to carry it around best, manufacturers have come out with backpacks and messenger bags meant for laptops to be transported safely.

If you're looking into whether you should get a backpack or messenger bag, read on!

The Backpack 

Backpacks are also known by several other names, such as backsack, bookbag, booksack, knapsack, pack, rucksack, rucsac or sackpack. Its textbook definition doesn't change no matter what it's called, though: a fabric sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but it can have an external or frame.

The Messenger Bag

This style is the modern take on a briefcase, and can pretty much be considered a classic. Mail carriers, bike couriers and the like were users of a satchel type that this beg gets its name from. Messenger bags in the most classic sense have handles and a cross-body strap for carrying. 

Which One Is the Better Option?

Messenger bags have plenty of advantages compared to a backpack. These are designed to fit the average laptop, tablet and even the old-school paperwork that comes with folders and all. Their designs prioritise comfort without giving up aesthetic aspects and plenty of space. They are a great choice for people on the go, as well.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a messenger bag:

  • Little to No Issues When Worn

  • Backpacks have a tendency to wrinkle clothing when they're worn and taken off. Messenger bags do not cause this, which is key for people in business-casual or business attire. There's also far less sweat on the back involved. 

  • Single Strap Design 

  • It's very easy to get a hold of items placed in a messenger bag thanks to the single strap it comes with. People who use public transport often and constantly need mobility in an urban setting can carry and retrieve things easily. Students who are rushing in between classes, for example, will get plenty of use out of it.

    Since it's cross-body style, valuables will be close to the body at all times.

  • Well-Padded Compartments

  • By default, messenger bags have compartments for laptops that are well-padded. Some styles are made for specific needs, such as disc golf bags and camera bags. In some cases, they are even designed and made to be water-resistant.

    This design also lends itself to a sleek, polished aesthetic no matter the user's gender. It's a statement piece in itself, giving people a clear "on the go" signal.


    Many people tend to confuse backpacks and messenger bags. Backpacks are worn on the back with two straps while messenger bags are a single strap bag that can be worn cross-body. The latter has benefits such as the single strap design, well-padded compartments and little to no issues when worn.

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