How To Find the Perfect Travel Bag for Your Next Trip - A Guide

While packing clothes for a trip is challenging in itself, finding the right luggage is on another level of complexity. But if you know the right factors to look for and understand the kind of quality you want in a bag, you will not get lost.

The next time you need to purchase a suitcase, use this article as your guide in finding the right one for you.

What Size Do You Need?

Luggage and travel bags come in many different sizes. So you have to know what you need to pick the right one.

First, you need to know whether you will be carrying your bag on your shoulders or with your hands, as that is the most basic way to determine the correct size. 

If you plan to carry your bag on your shoulders, it should not be extremely large and heavy as it could strain your shoulder. It shouldn’t be too small to carry all your necessities, either.

Other factors that could affect your answer to this question are where you plan to go and the length of your stay. If you are going somewhere near, a big bag may not be necessary. 

What Kind of Material Do You Need?

You will come across hard and soft bags. They are made for a specific purpose and come with their advantages.

Hard Luggage

If you are going to travel to a cold place with low temperatures, you might want to get a hard suitcase. They are usually made of plastic and can be waterproof. They aren't too heavy and will keep your items safe.


  • They are sturdy and can protect your items against the cold.


  • They are not good in humid areas like the tropical rainforest region. They tend to melt because the temperature is too high.
  • They are more expensive than soft bags, but they are worth it.

Soft Luggage

The main advantage of this bag is that it’s lightweight and comfortable. Soft luggage is also inexpensive, and you can take it anywhere.


  • They are convenient and easy to use. They can fit in anywhere, making you more flexible in your travelling.
  • Soft bags are usually made of nylon and are convenient because they are easy to carry.
  • They are also budget-friendly, especially if you are looking for a cheap bag.


  • They are not too sturdy and can tear easily.

You should use them only if you are travelling to places where you will not be using your bag a lot.

What Kind of Handle Do You Prefer?

The travel bag handle is another crucial thing to consider when buying luggage. All types of handles have different purposes. So you have to pick one that you will use the most.

The two main types of handles are:

  • Soft Handle: This handle is made of fabric and has the advantage of being lightweight. It is suitable for a light suitcase. The soft handle is also typically made of nylon or cotton, so it has the advantage of being comfortable.

  • Hard Handle: Handles that are made of metal have the advantage of being sturdy and can last for a long time. They don't break easily.

The most common type is the retractable handle. It is an excellent choice because it can reach different heights and is compact.

Do You Need a Lock Feature?

You will find a lot of lockable travel luggage bags in the store. They are usually made of metal keyed to your suitcase. Locks have the advantage of making your bag safer. So, if you need to secure your items, try getting one with the lock feature.


While it can be fun, travelling can also be an arduous task. You should not forget to bring the necessary items, and you also need to make sure that you use the correct type of bag for the trip. You have to consider many features before deciding on what kind of bag to get. These factors will determine your comfort and safety. But if you follow this guide, you will make the right choice when purchasing your bag. 

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