Does Your Bag Have Mould Here’s How to Address It!

There is a common misconception that when a canvas mag ends up with mould spots, it can no longer be used anymore. It can very much still be used after thorough cleaning! A number of bag materials can end up with mould stains, actually. Needless to say, the first step is to empty the bag involved. 

Read on to learn more about addressing mould on bags:

How Can Mouldy Bags Be Prevented?

There is no major gameplan or fancy formula here. It's simply a matter of properly cleaning shoes and bags after use, before they're returned to wherever it is they're stored. Bacteria is necessary for mould to grow, which means clean items won't have issues with mould.

Here are ways to deal with mould according to material.

  • Canvas 

  • "Kill and clean" is a great way of going about this. Spray the mouldy area with vinegar that's white and distilled. Let that dry before moving on to cleaning. Using a soft brush, scrub it directly with a mix of lemon, salt and hot water. 

    While it can be tempting to use bleach or detergent soaps, they will end up making things worse. Surface mould is the only thing that bleach can handle. That means the mould will grow back down the line. Also, it's difficult for either of them to be rinsed out of canvas. Both bleach and detergent soaps are incredibly harsh on canvas bags. 

  • Fabric

  • When white cotton is involved, bleach is the best line of defense against mould and mildew. Of course, the bleach has to be diluted: one part should get mixed with three parts water. That should be applied directly to the mould stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then clean as you normally would.

  • Leather

  • The general recommendation when it comes to mouldy leather is a mixture of vinegar and water. It's a 1 is to 1 ratio, which is then applied on a cloth. Direct application of the solution could be counterproductive and damage the leather. It could also lead to over-moisturizing, which is bad for the bag in itself as well.

  • Nylon

  • Find a brush with soft bristles and use it to tackle the mould stain. Afterwards, keep it hung out to dry in the sun for a day. Afterwards, soak it in cold water. Make sure to wash the fabric in a detergent and warm water mix. The mouldy area should then be blotted out with a soft cloth.

  • Tote

  • Softly dabbed the bag with a brush or cloth. A number of household products (disinfectat, lemon juice, makeup remover) can be used as long as they're mixed with water. The brush or cloth that was used for dabbing should then be dipped into the mixture before being used to swipe on the area. Take note that the cloth should not be drenched! Dampening it is the only way to go.


    Mould on bags can be prevented by cleaning them well before they're put away. However, if mould stains and whatnot still occur, the bags don't have to be thrown out right away. When it comes to canvas bags, addressing mouldy area is best done through the "kill and clean" method.

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