Backpacks or Shoulder Bags Which Is Better to Use?

Backpacks or Shoulder Bags: Which Is Better to Use?

Bags come in different types and styles. There are body bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and many more. However, out of all these types, two stand out and many people would want to know which is better, backpacks or shoulder bags?

Bags are essential in people's daily lives, especially when summer comes, you will surely need their help to pack up your beach necessities. But deciding which to use can be difficult as both can be undeniably useful. However, if you consider other factors such as health, there is one that stands out. 

Read on to find out which bag is better to use, a backpack or a shoulder bag?

Are Backpacks Better Than Shoulder Bags?

All types of bags are helpful for the users, so the majority are having a hard time knowing what to buy, a backpack or a shoulder bag. 

However, if you consider other factors like your health, you would know that backpacks are better. Below is a short description of what your body experiences while using the two types of bags.

Shoulder Bags

Many people tend to carry their personal belongings through shoulder bags as these are easy to grab and spacious. However, if you take a shoulder bag containing heavy materials, there is a high chance of developing muscle and back pain.

Shoulder bags compromise the natural gait of a person. The natural pace is how they swing their arms and legs while walking, essential for the body's overall balance. When you use a shoulder bag, especially a weighty one, one of your shoulders will compensate for the weight, and the other remains normal. And it is detrimental to your balance, which results in back, shoulder and muscle pains.

The best thing to do is as early as possible. You have to stop using shoulder bags, especially if they have heavy loads. Further usage of this type of bag will grow the muscles of the shoulder you use to carry it, while the other remains the same. The situation only worsens the problem and causes a further imbalance of the body. 


If you want to avoid damaging your posture, resorting to using a backpack is your best option. Unlike shoulder bags, backpacks distribute the weight evenly across your back rather than on just one side. In this case, the natural gait of your body remains constant and maintains your balance. 

However, it is essential to know that carrying too much weight from your backpack can also cause postural problems. It will force your spine to bend backwards, causing hip and back pain.

Fortunately, there are some tips to avoid experiencing these symptoms from heavy-weighted backpacks or shoulder bags. First, you can choose a bag with wider straps, which will be more efficient in distributing the weight across your back. You can rely on bags from London for an answer to this type of problem. Another way is to switch shoulders to carry your shoulder bags periodically.


Both backpacks and shoulder bags are go-to options for people in need of on-the-go storage for their life necessities. However, wearing them when they are too heavy can lead to strain and tension in your body. If you’re after a more distributed weight, backpacks might be the better option for you—as long as you make sure you wear both straps right!

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