Backpack Styles_ 6 Ways of Wearing a Backpack in Style

A bag is an essential item to have because it carries all your belongings. Bags come in different shapes and sizes, and while they look different, they all have the same purpose. Among the many bags, backpacks remain the leading choice because they can fit most things and are easy to carry.

Wearing a backpack is straightforward because you only need to wear the straps around your shoulders. While the design is intuitive, many people often find it difficult to style a backpack because it can be challenging to figure out how to incorporate a backpack into your overall look. Styling yourself is already challenging, and carrying a backpack in style only makes things more complicated. The good news is that there are many ways you can wear a backpack in style. These include:

#1 - Crossbody

Wearing a backpack as a crossbody is highly effective because it helps distribute the backpack's weight evenly across your body. This can be especially helpful if you have a heavy backpack. Additionally, it can help prevent back and shoulder pain from carrying a backpack for long periods.

However, it's worth noting that wearing a backpack as a crossbody works best with smaller backpacks. You can do the same with bigger ones, but you should expect some discomfort since the straps will be pulling on your shoulders more than usual. Nonetheless, this is still an effective way to carry a larger backpack if you need to.

#2 - Wear It on One Shoulder

If you want to look cool while wearing a backpack, wearing it on one shoulder is the best way to do it. Wearing your backpack on one shoulder gives you a relaxed and carefree look while keeping all your belongings close. However, the weight will be unevenly distributed because they're all on one shoulder. If you're not careful, it may strain your body and cause shoulder pain. Because of this, wearing a backpack on one shoulder is not recommended for long periods.

#3 - Hold It from the Top Handle

The best way to keep a backpack from getting damaged is to hold it from the top handle. This way, the bag's weight is evenly distributed and less likely to cause strain on the straps or fabric. Additionally, keeping the bag suspended makes you less likely to drop it or set it down too hard accidentally.

Holding a backpack from the top handle works best when wearing formal attire because it gives a professional look as if you're holding a briefcase. In turn, you'll be more mindful of how you carry your backpack and take extra care not to damage it.

#4 - Pair It with Modern Clothes

Backpacks are versatile accessories that can be worn with various looks. Pairing a backpack with modern clothes is a great way to add extra style to your outfit. Backpacks can be paired with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look or with a dress and heels for a more dressed-up look. Adding a backpack will help you make a statement regardless of what you wear.

#5 - Go for a Chic Look

A chic look will go well with a backpack because you can mix and match different pieces to create a unique and stylish outfit. For example, you could wear skinny jeans with a cute blouse and jacket. You can also accessorise with a necklace and some strappy heels. Wearing it over one shoulder makes a stylish look when carrying your backpack.

#6 - Wear a Street Look

Wearing a street look with a backpack is perhaps the easiest way to style it because you can just throw it on and go. Plus, it always looks cool and effortless. To rock a street look with your backpack, pair it with some ripped jeans, a graphic tee or tank top, and some sneakers. You can add accessories like a baseball cap or sunglasses to finish things off.


Styling a backpack is often tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Since there are various ways to style a backpack, there is no need to be afraid of trying new things. Be creative, have fun, and experiment until you find the perfect look.

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