The 7 Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own

Men also like to carry accessories when we talk about those who are living well-settled lives. Even those who are not very well-off can afford to look stylish with accessories that are very reasonable. Troops are that one point here men can find anything which they think of in terms of accessories, like wallets, caps, shades, etc. We have given the list for their top products that are sold all over the work and are still in the wish list of many.


1. Heritage Waist Bag with Coated Canvas Casual

It is a waist bag for men that weighs almost around 370 grams. This casual waist bag is made with a super-strong canvas that has a coating of PU on it. This makes it look very stiff and keeps it in shape all the time. The zips handles are made with vintage metal and that completes the look. It has a very unique vibe and for stylish men, it is the best choice.

Heritage Waist Bag with Coated Canvas Casual


2. Canvas Bi-Fold Wallet

This bi-fold wallet is made with cotton at the outer side, while pure polyester at the inner side of it. However, the trim is made with leather material only in order to keep a stiff look in it and also that it may not be torn easily after a long time of use. It is no more than 97 grams in weight and comes in various colors. So, men can buy in any nice color which they want.

troop wallet


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3. Waist Bag Classic Canvas

This waist bag is a bit different from the above in its outlook and comes in only brown and blue color. They are made with super canvas material while the inner is filled with polyester. The detailing or the trims are made with leather to give professional look. Also, the zips are different in it, and they are in the form of zip pullers.

Heritage Waist Bag


4. Waxed Canvas Fisherman Hat | Sun Hat | Outdoor Hat

If you are a man who likes to do outdoor activities than this product is for you. If you are going out for hiking, riding, playing football, etc then this is going to be your companion. It looks extremely stylish and gives a cowboy kind of look. The circumference is just 43 cm, and the weight is no more than 140 grams. You can keep it clean by simply wiping or brushing its outside. The inner stuff is polyester, the outer is made with pure cotton while the trimming is done with the help of leather stuff.

bucket hat


5. Bi-Fold with Urban Security Travel Wallet Chain and ID Card Window

It is a simple security card-carrying wallet with a chain at its one end. Its weight is very less, that is 113 grams, so you can easily carry it in your wallet or maybe in your pocket. The inner material is made with polyester, the outer with nylon which is in its pure form, while the trimming is done with leather stuff.

Bi-Fold with Urban Security Travel Wallet Chain and ID Card Window


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6. Outdoor Hat | Canvas Baseball Cap Sun Hat

This product comes in brown, blue and black color and is made with the super canvas material from the outside. The inner side is filled with polyester that keeps it warm too. The men who like to play sports, go hiking very often or maybe travel a lot can use this product very easily.



7. Flat Cap | Canvas Old School Style Hat | Shelby Newsboy Cap

This hat or cap is again made with our signature super canvas material, while the inner is made with cotton with trimming of leather at the ends. Its circumference is 58cm while the weight is not more than 114 grams. It is best for use as an accessory for hiking, sports and traveling.

Flat Cap Canvas Old School Style Hat



The is one stop for men who want to stay up to date, and like to carry accessories that are both stylish and of high quality. If you are looking for amazing detailing, exclusive designs, and detailing in your accessories, the Troops products can offer you all in one package.

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