8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe Inside of Your Bag

Staying connected to anyone around the world and doing a million things on one device is made possible thanks to the laptop. What was once a luxury has become a necessity, especially for work and school. Laptop owners use their devices for hours on end for essential matters as well as leisure. They can hardly be apart from their laptops because of how important and useful they are.

If you are a frequent laptop user, you have probably brought your device with you and kept it safe in your backpack multiple times. However, without observing the proper safety precautions, your laptop could end up damaged even if you thought it would be free from harm inside your bag. 

Some safety measures that you can practice to keep your laptop protected include:

  1. Keep Sharp Tools and Other Objects Away From Your Laptop

A bag is meant to store various items, including pencils, chargers, cables, water bottles, and more. However, not all things should be packed together without extra protection. Sharp objects, in particular, could make your laptop’s fragile body crack. As such, it is important to segregate your items and place them in cases, especially if one of them is a laptop.

  1. Separate Your Food and Beverages From Your Laptop

Although it was mentioned that you need to separate the items inside of your back using an added layer of protection, the same logic does not apply if the objects in question are food and drink. Even if they have been sealed properly, their contents might still spill and damage your laptop. Never put any food or beverage inside of your backpack if you have your device inside.

  1. Avoid Carelessly Tossing Your Backpack

Just because there’s a layer of fabric between your backpack and the bed or the floor doesn’t mean that the laptop inside will still be safe. Be cautious and never drop your bag as long as your device is there.

  1. Avoid Bumping Your Bag Against the Wall and Other Surfaces

Even though your backpack can handle a little bit of impact, the same doesn’t apply to your laptop. You should never bang a bag with a device inside against any surface.

  1. Refrain From Shaking Your Bag

Some laptops still have a mechanical hard disk drive, not an SSD. If your device has the former, you shouldn't shake your bag vigorously since the motion could cause loss of data and disruption of the drive’s components.

  1. Refrain From Overstuffing Your Backpack

Some backpack brands take pride in their ability to support certain weights. However, you should avoid packing too much stuff in your bag if you have a laptop inside. When your backpack is overstuffed, there could be added pressure on your device that may lead to damage. If you must pack textbooks and more items along with your laptop, it would be best to buy and use a specialised computer backpack.

  1. Put Your Laptop to Sleep or Shut It Down

Overheating is always an issue that could potentially damage any device, including laptops. Before you pack your laptop away, make sure that you turn it off or put it to sleep to avoid overheating.

  1. Use a Water-Resistant Computer Bag

If you’re not using the right type of bag, you might end up discovering that bad weather is your enemy when you’re walking around with your laptop inside. Some backpack fabrics are not water-resistant, so if you find yourself caught in the rain or snow, moisture might leak inside, leading to damage. Invest in a water-resistant bag, and, for an added layer of protection, make sure they’re designed for laptops, too.


Your laptop is undoubtedly one of your most important possessions. Since it is a staple for your daily life, you need to keep it safe and protected at all times. Fortunately, we can offer you the best laptop backpack available in the market.

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