5 Messenger Bag Types and Sizes You Can Choose From

In terms of messenger bags, size does matter. However, your bag's size is entirely up to you. For example, a bag for your laptop, documentation and other materials should not be too small. This is because you may not need it to be that big. 

In other words, don't waste your space on a big messenger bag. How you intend to use the bag and how you prefer to move can help determine the suitable size.

If you want to know what size messenger bag you should get, here are five messenger bag types and sizes you can choose from:

  •  Standard Messenger Bag

  • A messenger bag will hold most of your essentials, and many bags available have enough space for these. They commonly hold a laptop, chargers, and other goods. It's a good size for people who deal with computers and paper because they can tote laptops and other stuff to and from work. Standard size is also great for bringing extra things if you forget something.

  •  Messenger Backpack

  • The backpack messenger bag is another good alternative for those who need a laptop bag, but also want something that can haul large loads. It's smaller than a messenger bag, and it's bigger than most backpacks but not quite as big. 

    This bag is a great, lightweight alternative to a backpack; this bag isn't too big for carrying.

  •  Messenger Bag for Bikes

  • The bike messenger bag is precisely what it sounds like: a bag only bike messengers may use to deliver their goods. Other features include reflective stripes, water-resistant fabrics, and extra pockets for phones and other essentials. 

    Anyone who has ridden a bike understands how difficult it is to keep track of your stuff while on the go. Bicycle messenger bags provide pockets and clips for your phone, keys, and paperwork while being lightweight and easy to handle. 

    Bicycle messenger bags come in various sizes, so they give plenty of variability. They're typically small, light, easy to move around and usually come in water-resistant or repellant material.

  •  Shoulder Bag for Underseat

  • A shoulder bag that fits behind the seat is excellent for keeping things minimal. This messenger bag is superb. It's a small bag that fits beneath your car, bus or aeroplane seat. This way, you may use both hands for other things. 

    This bag is ideal in a city where space for a large bag is limited. It's also great for daily commuters who bike or take the train, or you just don't want to pack much but still want to carry valuables such as tablets, phones, and the like.

  •  Shoulder Bag

  • An "over-the-shoulder" messenger bag lacks shoulder straps and other methods of carrying it on your shoulder. These bags resemble larger handbags and are typically held with one hand or over the shoulder. 

    A messenger shoulder bag is smaller than a regular messenger bag, although they do not have the same shape. These are useful if you don't need much space yet need to carry a lot of stuff. 

    Shoulder bags are also an excellent option for folks who want something a little more attractive than a messenger bag but still quite functional.


    The size of a messenger bag should be based on what you need it for and what you put in it. Don't forget that it should be more than stylish. It needs to be functional and should fit your lifestyle or everyday use. 

    However, because messenger bags are designed to be durable and functional, it is a bag worth your money no matter what size you choose. 

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