Train Adventures - Travel Checklist for a Long Rail Journey

Travelling is one of life's greatest gifts and adventures. It's fun, exciting, and so much more. But to fully enjoy any trip, you need to be prepared. Unexpected adventures are fun—up to a point. It's not fun to be somewhere far from home, with missing documents, things, and so on.

Now, going on a long rail journey is no exception. It's similar to being on a plane but a little more comfortable. Of course, that depends on who you are. Whether you're going on an overnight train ride, shorter than that or longer, there are quite a few things you must remember to prepare.

Here is your essential travel checklist for a long train ride:

Organiser for Documents

You need a place to keep all your important documents together—be it passports, rail tickets, boarding passes, itineraries, and the like. These must be kept in a place accessible at all times. Make sure you have one with you—whether it's a small wallet or an electronic device.


Cash is a must to have during your entire train journey. You'll be needing this for paying for food, drinks, and for the train's berth. There is no guarantee that you'll be able to use your credit or cards.

Portable Charger

For smartphone owners, this is an absolute necessity. Be it an overnight train ride or a short trip. You need a portable charger that you can easily travel with. This is for your phone—as well as for your portable electronic devices. Whether you're going on an overnight train ride, short ride or long, you're going to need this.

Snacks and Water

Overnight or short train rides are the most ideal for snacking. During these, you might be able to stay in your seat or doze off a bit. They're also the best for grabbing a bite or a few drinks. Take some snacks and water for this. You can restock your mini bar or purchase new snacks as long as you bring some cash.

Book or Kindle

This is for your downtime. During long rides, you might want to just relax, so you might enjoy a good book to read. If you're not the reading type, a Kindle or iPad is a great travel companion. You can easily load your books on these devices and read while waiting for your next ride or while your train is stopped.

Eye Mask and Earplugs

A night of good sleep is not guaranteed during overnight train rides. Certain noises, people snoring, and more can make you lose sleep. So to make sure you don't wake up exhausted and cranky the next day, bring a good eye mask and earplugs.

Earplugs are not only great to reduce the amount of noise coming from other passengers, but they're also ideal for blocking out any other sounds from the outside. An eye mask is also great for limiting how much you see when sleeping. This is good for any sort of delay.

Small Luggage

Finally, you also want to make sure that you bring a small luggage, whether a hand luggage bag or a backpack. It shouldn't be too big that you can't carry it without stress or hassle. This bag should be able to keep all your essentials and the items listed above. Be sure it's compact, light, and with you at all times.


Now that you know what you need to prepare when riding an overnight train, you can fully enjoy your travel while keeping your belongings organised. Of course, there are other things you can do to make your journey more enjoyable. From learning some useful tips to bringing the right gear, it's all about making the most out of your trip.

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