8 Ways to Remove Ink Stains from a Canvas Bag (Part 2)

A quality bag is an investment. In fact, a good bag may outlast several seasons worth of shoes. But, like any quality investment, the bag must be maintained. 


In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the common ways of removing stains on a canvas bag. Here’s more:


  • Salt

    Salt is a substance that is commonly used in cooking, but it can also be used to clean up ink stains. 


    If you have a canvas bag with an ink stain, you can use kosher salt to remove it. Simply sprinkle kosher salt on the stain and then wait for a few hours. You use a soft bristle brush to scrub the area and then off the salt. If you don’t have kosher salt, ordinary table salt will do.


  • Laundry Detergent

    This is one of the most commonly used cleaning solutions that you can find at home. Whether you have detergent in liquid form, powder form or in a pod, it can do the job of taking off the stain on your bag.


    The packaging of the laundry detergent that you purchase will determine the strength of the cleaning power. If you use a laundry detergent with a low concentration, the ink on the bag will not be completely stripped off, and you will have to scrub harder. If you use a laundry detergent with a high concentration, the ink will come off, but the bag can become discoloured. So, tread lightly when using high-concentration detergent.


  • Aspirin

    Aspirin is a substance commonly used by doctors to reduce pain and fever, but you can also use aspirin to clean up ink stains from a canvas bag.


    You need a cotton ball, a bowl and some water. First, prepare water in a bowl and mix aspirin in it. Then, dip the cotton ball in the solution and rub the ink on the area. 


  • Rubbing Alcohol and Water

    The main ingredient in rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which can be used to clean a canvas bag. However, it is advisable to use it sparingly as it can damage the material of your bag if you rub it too much.


    If you want to use rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains from a canvas bag, you can mix rubbing alcohol with water. The wrong ratio of water to alcohol can make it less potent. To make sure the solution is effective, you can combine the two substances in the ratio of three parts rubbing alcohol to one part water.


    How to Properly Care for Your Canvas Bag 


    Caring for your canvas bag doesn’t start when it’s already stained with ink; it starts with cleaning your canvas bag regularly. Every two weeks is a reasonable interval to give your bag a good cleaning. Dry the bag in the sun to further disinfect it.


    In addition, avoid putting your bag on the floor. Dirt, dust and other people's shoes can cause staining in your bag. If you want to bring your canvas bag on vacation, use a zip-off cover or a waterproof cover. This protects your bag from water, especially if your canvas bag is not water-resistant. 




    Caring for your canvas bag will reap benefits since it is a pretty handy, flexible and durable bag to have. However, when it comes to ink stains, you have to act fast to avoid them leaving a mark on your bag. Knowing how to remove ink stains from your canvas bag will ensure that you can clean it properly so that the bag can last longer.

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