The Essential Kit_ What You Need on Your Daily Rail Commute

The Essential Kit: What You Need on Your Daily Rail Commute

Are you aware that the average British rail commuter spends roughly an hour riding a train daily? That is a considerable amount of time for individuals to keep themselves occupied, especially riding a train. A rail commuter needs to be prepared by packing a bag with fundamental essentials required along the lengthy journey.

The good news is that this article enumerates the commuting essentials that can either keep you amused, help you get some work done or at least make your commute a tad more comfortable.


Let us start with a backpack. The backpack is used to transport the rest of the commuter’s items, keep them organised and protect them from the elements.

Brands are beginning to react to the trend of commuters moving away from traditional outdoor backpacks and opting for styles explicitly designed for daily commutes.

New backpacks are designed to safely carry laptops, tablets and other electronics for the tech-savvy commuter. Add a few extra items, and you have your bag complete. 

The reason behind the popularity of these backpacks is pretty simple. They are the best option for carrying your belongings during your commute. With this type of bag, you have both hands free, which is a must when taking public transport.


Train rides can be tedious. That is why the most important thing to have with you on the train is to keep you amused. Of course, you can check your social media or emails on your phone, but would you instead do an activity that makes you happy and does it not happen very often? Reading a book is one such activity.

While a traditional paperback book may be too cumbersome to carry onto the train, Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof can save the day. Not only can it provide the same reading experience as a conventional book, but it can hold hundreds of books in a single thin device.

With no glare, even in bright sunlight, you can read as much as you want without straining your eyes. Tablets can be pretty convenient, but you need to recharge them now and then. 

A Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof, however, is entirely different. You can use it for weeks without needing to recharge it. It only needs to be charged every month so you can read as long as you like. You can even use the built-in battery to read in the dark.


If you do not feel like carrying a book, you can bring some earbuds. They can unlock a world of audio entertainment. You can download podcasts or stream music.

Or, if you have your laptop, why not enjoy your favourite Netflix show? There are several earbuds to choose from – and most devices even come with a pair of compatible earphones.  We like these wireless headphones from Enacfire. They are discreet, have three sizes of soft rubbery ear tips and come with a portable charging case that acts as your carrying case while also delivering up to fourteen total hours of entertainment.


As an adventurer, travelling in the concrete jungle by rails can be quite challenging. But, it does not have to be completely tiring if you have the right things with you. 

Most importantly, you must have the right bag to carry all of them. If you are looking for the perfect backpack in London, visit Troop London. We have a huge collection of bags for the modern traveller, so check them out!