The 5 Bags a Man’s Man Must Have In Their Wardrobe

The saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus is easily discernible in their bag choices. Men like to carry less, preferring to have one product do it all, like a bag (regardless of its size) that carries everything they need.

On the other hand, women tend to be more segmented and detail-oriented, preferring one product or item for every occasion. This is why they bring bags for every event: the mall, the office, the countryside, even one for the weekend and one for the club!

However, there is a practicality to the myriad of options by combining these two perspectives. Instead of tossing everything into one huge bag and scrounging around like some street rat, it’s better to have multiple bags that carry different items, so you know exactly where you put them. 

Men, we’re not saying you should have ten different bags in your wardrobe. That’s too much. Just have these five types ready to use in various moments:

The Backpack

Backpacks aren't just for students anymore. From the lumberjack look to the businessman, this bag is the go-to accessory for every wardrobe. Dress it down for the office with sleek leather, or smarten it up for the weekend with rugged canvas. Best of all, whether you're biking to work or heading out for a hike, there's a stylish back for every outfit.

When canvassing for one, remember a backpack should be comfortable and water-resistant. It should have many adjustable straps and should have padding. Consider getting one made from leather with extra compartments of a laptop sleeve for storage maximisation.

The Cross-Body Bag

Stop if you think cross-body bags are just pretentious hype or an overpriced joke. What most of us carry around these days barely fits in the pocket of a backpack: phone, keys, wallet.

The cross-body bag is your best bet if you want to stay hands-free and add a hint of surprise to your outfit.

The Messenger Bag

The messenger bag got a second wind when designers realised they could make it more stylish while retaining its usefulness. It’s great for transporting laptops, paperwork and the odd lunchbox – and keeping hands free as you do it. There are tons of options, whether you want a classic look in leather or one with more personality. The messenger bag’s cousin, the satchel, is also trendy.

The Laptop Bag

If you carry your expensive laptop with you from place to place, a top-rated laptop bag is essential. Many men's laptop bags include extra accessories like an adapter or a phone and padded straps to keep the pack comfortable when in use. Before you shop for a bag, make sure to know the size of your laptop. A good bag includes extra room for other accessories such as documents and a charger.

The Weekend Bag

An obscenely good weekender is essential for any trip, no matter what kind of plans you have. It is a must if you plan to bring a lot of clothing and other essentials, especially if you plan to stay at the same spot for a while. 

You can find something in excellent condition, but most importantly, it should match your style. 

Check the dimensions if you ever intend to use it as hand luggage. If your weekends involve a little more action than champagne and caviar, consider getting a canvas or twill bag from an outdoor brand.

Get All These Bags from One Shop

These five bags not only improve your organisation; they also up your fashion game. Now you won’t be carrying the same boring satchel at every event you go to. Depending on the occasion, you can switch it up and bring only what you need. Fashion practicality doesn’t always mean owning one item for all seasons. Sometimes it means owning what you need for precisely the right moment.

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