Here’s How to Choose between a Canvas or Leather Bag

Buying a backpack can be more difficult than you might think; there are many factors to consider after all. A key one is the weather conditions where you live, how you plan to use your backpack, and how much effort you are actually willing to put into cleaning and maintaining it. The type of fabric you choose will affect how well your bag holds up over time, too. 

Style plays a major role in the final choice you make, too. 


People have always worn leather clothes and accessories. The fashion industry has progressed over time, so the leather products available have become more intricate. Pure leather is resistant to dry abrasion, fungal attacks and even dust mites. When planning to travel, it's vital to have a sturdy travel bag. 

Leather Bags: The Classic Touch

Animal rights activists fight against the use of leather for anything, but most people agree that leather is durable and weather-proof. It's also distinctive-looking and lasts for a long time. Plus, it's strong and can handle heavy loads.

All of that said, aside from the strain it places on the environment, leather is also prone to developing stretch marks over time. Most of all, it can get incredibly expensive and it's unfortunately easy to fake.


Around 1500 B.C., people in ancient India began weaving cotton into canvas fabric. As the plants and fabric spread to the Middle East, England, and then to America, cotton canvas became more common. Today, canvas bags are preferred due to their durability and how their lightweight nature contradicts the load it can take. The fabric is plain-woven and is much sturdier and stronger when compared to other materials.

The material's fibres easily adapt and flex to the size and weight of the things placed inside it.

Bags Made With Canvas

Over the last few hundred years, canvas bags have become a hot commodity. Thanks to new technologies, now they are available in more sizes and shapes than ever before. In short, canvas bags are trendy. They're preferred for travel in particular given how easy they are to carry. 

Let's take a more in-depth look at the advantages of canvas bags:

  • Canvas adjusts and flexes to the size and weight of what's placed inside
  • Canvas bags are easy to print on
  • Canvas bags are easy to style (decorating and painting included)
  • Canvas bags take to handmade, unique, crafted designs easily
  • Canvas can be rendered waterproof
  • Canvas doesn't take much when it comes to maintenance
  • Canvas is durable given its nature
  • Canvas is eco-friendly (animals are kept safe and have nothing to do with how canvas is made)
  • Canvas is incredibly versatile
  • Compared to leather, canvas is convenient to carry around and much lighter overall


Picking out a backpack will take awhile, especially when it comes to deciding on material. Leather and canvas are two of the main products used for bags. Canvas has multiple advantages such as versatility, the ability to be rendered waterproof, and being easy to carry around.

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