A Geeky Accessory_ What You Should Look for in a Laptop Bag

A Geeky Accessory: What You Should Look for in a Laptop Bag

Considering that most of us are still in a work-from-home arrangement, it is common to see someone carrying their laptop. This image leads us to what an excellent laptop case should be. If you are about to shop for one, you should carefully read this article.

Whether you are going for style or security, having a suitable laptop case can make all the difference in your travels. Finding the right carry-on for a laptop is no easy task, though. Let us help you find the answer and guide you in the right direction.

#1: Size

Many laptop owners have trouble choosing a laptop case because they do not know how to get the size measurement of the laptop. One way to measure the size of the laptop is to run a measuring tape from corner to corner diagonally along with the screen, which will give you the size of the screen. That number helps find out which size laptop bag you should go with.

#2: Dimensions

Once you have figured out your laptop size, you should narrow down your bag choices pretty quickly. Laptop bags typically provide their measurements in width, depth and height.

The best way to find the width of your laptop is to put a measuring tape horizontally across your keys. This should run parallel to the space bar and avoid bumps that might give you an inaccurate reading. 

The depth is directly measured from the front (facing you) to the back of the laptop. The height is the base of your laptop (the part that touches the desk) to its top. 

These three measurements should allow you to find a perfect fit for your bag. The better fit the bag, the more protection your laptop will receive. You want to see the balance between a snug fit and enough room to breathe.

#3: Material

Considering that every computer is different, and we all have different jobs, our needs will be different as well. If you work in a cramped cubicle on a laptop doing routine office work, then you won't need a bag that holds your laptop, an extra pair of shoes, self-defense equipment and a small black hole. 

On the other hand, if you work on the oil fields with equipment that could short out your computer if it got wet, or one that could fry everything within miles if it were to be blasted off during a harsh landing, then you might want to see what happens when dropping something like that from three miles high onto concrete. You'll need a bigger bag to make sure it can take the hits.

For now, imagination will have to fill in the rest of the details. Hopefully, this same approach gets you where you want to go as well. Think about what your laptop will go through and work from there.


Whatever your choice may be, make sure you consider the three factors discussed earlier and whether they fit your lifestyle. Additionally, browse online before committing to buying one. 

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