Hard-Shell Luggage vs Soft-Shell Luggage—Which Is Better_

Comparing aeroplane travel now versus years ago, you'll find that people back then dressed as if they were rich and famous, and this was true. Aeroplane travel then was mainly for the wealthy, and not many could afford to fly. Today, it's quite different. Flying is a lot more affordable, and more people fly for many reasons as well. This makes flying much more prevalent than it ever was, and for you, this might mean that flying has become a regular part of your life.

That being said, if you were to look at many of these old photos of people flying, you might have noticed them carrying large, boxy luggage. This is quite different from now, where more people are opting for soft bags like duffle bags. However, does this mean that you should also be using soft bags over hard bags? Let's find out together.

Hard-Shell Luggage vs Soft-Shell Luggage—Which Is Better?

One of the biggest reasons people today are opting for soft-shell luggage is that they want to travel light. Many hard-shell options are large, and the fact that they are hard means that they can only pack a certain amount of things and no more. On the other hand, soft-shell luggage is easier to handle, and more often than not, comes in small sizes that people use for light travelling. However, if there is one major sacrifice to be made with soft-shell luggage, it would be the protection of whatever it is being kept inside.

If you were only carrying clothes and other soft items, then soft-shell luggage might suffice your needs. However, whether you're going on vacation or travelling for business purposes, chances are you're going to be carrying something fragile. A soft-shell bag isn't going to protect your belongings from impacts, but hard-shell luggage will. Plus, when it starts to rain, hard-shell luggage will keep water out, ensuring your belongings are dry and protected. In addition, hard-shell luggage is also much easier to clean, simply because the surface doesn't catch stains and dirt as easily as soft-shelled luggage will.

With that in mind, you might be worried that hard-shell luggage is as cumbersome as they were many years ago. Fortunately, that is no longer true. Many hard-shell bags are now incredibly light and versatile with newer, more durable, and lightweight materials. This means that carrying the bag around to and from the plane won't become a big deal. 

Finally, if there is any reason to opt for hard-shelled luggage, it is the fact that you cannot overstuff it. This might seem like a drawback, but in an era where each inch of your bag can mean getting your bag to become a carry-on or being forced to check it in, it is a big advantage to be enjoyed!


Simply put, if you want a luggage solution that is sure to not disappoint you when you need it to be reliable, opt for hard-shell luggage. With all the benefits it has to offer, it is only going to make your air-travelling experience much smoother and less worrisome. Nothing beats sitting back and enjoying a relaxing flight from point A to point B knowing that your belongings are safe and sound in hard-shelled luggage built to be portable yet durable and protective!

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