Answering Common Questions about Washing Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are large, spacious bags usually utilised for road trips, air travel, going to the gym, camping, and swimming. And because they’re perfect for bringing along just about everywhere, duffel bags are also prone to becoming very dirty, aside from the everyday wear and tear of consistent use.

So how do you keep your duffel bags clean and help prolong their lives? In this article, we answer common duffel bag cleaning questions.

  1. What Do I Put In My Duffel Bag to Avoid Unwanted Smells?

If you’re using your duffel bag when going to the gym, it won’t take long before it reeks of sweat and body odour. If you want to stop this from happening, here are a few things you can use:

  • Dryer sheets - These can neutralise the scents in your bag by absorbing them. Leave them for a few hours and replace them from time to time to handle any new smells.
  • Teabags - Drop unused tea bags in your bag, leave them overnight, and surprise yourself with an odourless bag the next day!
  • White vinegar - When washing your duffel bag, drop a few drops of white vinegar to eliminate the bacteria and the smells that have embedded on the fabric.

  1. Why Does My Duffel Bag Smell Bad?

There are many reasons why you will encounter foul smells once you open up your duffel bag. For example, food items left inside, smoke, sweat, dirty clothes, or spills from food and beverages are common culprits. Your bag can also smell like feet if you leave dirty shoes inside and fail to take them out right away.

  1. Can I Put My Duffel Bag in the Washing Machine?

If your duffel bag is made from durable cloth or nylon, your bag is safe to put in the washing machine. Make it easy for yourself, and don’t stress about having to hand wash. Just make sure you wash with cold water and air dry to avoid shrinking or warping fabric.

  1. What Is the Proper Way to Machine Wash a Duffel Bag?

For proper machine washing of a duffel bag, place it inside and add your trusted detergent to the appropriate spot. Make sure to use a good detergent that’s not too harsh. This way, the cleaning solution can penetrate the fabric, eliminate the bacteria that cause odours, and prevent attracting more odours and stains.

  1. Are Duffel Bags Safe to Put In the Dryer?

If you want to put your duffel bag in a dryer, there’s a right way to approach this. First, when you put it inside, include a couple of towels before running it on a regular cycle in your washing machine. Make sure that you use towels in a similar colour so that no colour bleeding will occur. Putting your duffel bag in the dryer on its own can be too harsh, and it might ruin the material of your bag.

  1. How Can I Clean My Duffel Bag at Home?

If you want to hand wash your duffel bag, use soap and water and wash the whole bag inside and out. If there are stains that stand out, you can use laundry detergent to clean them off. To protect the bag’s steel support, you can use a hairdryer to avoid discolouration and rusting.

Final Thoughts

Duffel bags are staple accessories because they are perfect for weekenders, and you can use them for so many different purposes. Caring for them and keeping them clean is crucial so they can retain the same quality as when you first bought them.

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