What You Should Look For in Your Best Duffel Bag

What You Should Look For in Your Best Duffel Bag

Short trips do not always necessitate the use of a suitcase. After all, you may not want to deal with a large, cumbersome carry-on when you only need a few items.  When it comes to short getaway trips, you may simply opt for a duffel bag that you can effortlessly carry around from one destination to the next.

Because of the duffel bag’s durability and ease of squeezing into small spaces, they are ideal travel companions for men on short trips. They are also far more stylish than bulky suitcases.

However, there are a few more points to think about. So, before you go shopping, here's a list of things you should look for in a duffel bag.

The Duffel Bag

The duffel bag was invented in Duffel, Belgium, by weavers who created a tough canvas cloth that became synonymous with the cylindrical bags carried by soldiers. It is cylindrical in shape and has carrying straps. 

This piece of luggage should not be confused with weekenders, which are rectangular in shape and smaller in size, but large enough to hold a day's worth of clothes and toiletries but small enough to easily stow away.

Remember, the amount of luggage you want to transport determines whether you want a duffel or a weekender. 

Look For Size and Colour

Carry-on items are defined differently by each airline and train company, so do your research before purchasing anything. It would be a pity to purchase the bag of your dreams only to discover that it is too large to be a carry-on. A ballpark figure is up to 2 feet long and 2 feet wide. Your bag should be slightly larger than a backpack but not as large as a suitcase. 

Colours can be classic and versatile or bolder, which helps identify your bag from a distance if a friend or cab driver needs to spot you. Black, navy, or military tones are always a safe bet. 

Look For Material Durability 

You'll be stuffing your duffel bag into luggage compartments, dragging it out of car trunks, and lugging it around, so it had better be tough. 

Canvas is an excellent fabric for balancing quality and cost. Nylon is nearly as strong as canvas, but it is more resistant to water. A waterproof interior protects the bag from damage if you're travelling with liquids.

Some lower-priced bags are made of vinyl to look like leather, but avoid them because they will fall apart over time. Examine the bag's bottom as well. Metal studs or a reinforced bottom layer will keep your bag safe. 

Finally, think about stitching and closures. Zippers should be tested by zipping and unzipping them several times. When a bag is overstuffed, cheaper zippers tend to catch the fabric or bust open at one end. High-quality zippers from RiRi or YKK indicate a well-made item. Check the quality of the snap buttons on snap closures, as they can break after heavy use. 

Look For Storage 

Most bags have extra pockets for small items like watches, jewellery, and passports, either inside or outside the bag. External chargers, tablets, magazines, and other items can be stored in split pockets on the outside, but be cautious not to attract pickpockets. 

Look For Straps and Features 

Some duffels and weekenders have shoulder straps that allow you to sling them across your body, freeing up your hands for things like checking your phone and showing your travel documents. However, you should inspect the straps and how they are attached to the bag. The stitching and materials must be strong enough to support the weight of the bag. You don't want a strap that rips when you use it. 


Fashion and style aside, you must find a quality duffel bag you can trust. It must be fit to be filled with your belongings, and then some. Now that you know what to look for in your best duffel bag, you can make better buying decisions and invest in an item that’s worth your time and money.

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