What Is the Proper Way to Wear Your Messenger Bag?

When it comes to personal style, men often think it's just about finding the right shirt to wear with their jeans or vice versa. But style doesn't just stop with the clothes you wear on your body. Your bag is also a key player. After all, you don't want to ruin your look by wearing your messenger bag haphazardly.

But unlike backpacks, messenger bags are a bit more confusing to wear. Do you dangle it off one shoulder or have it across your body? If it's across, should the bag be in front, to the side, or a bit to the back? Well, we'll be answering these and more in just a bit.

Should You Wear Your Messenger Bag Like a Purse?

The main problem with wearing a messenger bag like a purse is that it doesn't sit correctly on your body. With a messenger bag, if you wear it like a purse, the bag will become too heavy for your shoulder and tip you off balance.

Also, if you wear it like a purse, the bag will be hard to access if you need to get in it quickly. Instead, the bag will be dangling from your shoulder, and you'll have to reach down to get at anything inside of it.

Should You Wear Your Messenger Bag Draped Across?

You may have noticed that most guys typically wear their messenger bags across their bodies. From the front, this looks fine. But when you examine it from the side, it's actually not that attractive.

For starters, the bag tends to dangle at an odd angle, looking like it's about to fall off. Also, the bag doesn't sit well on the side of the body and often rolls over when you're moving.

Should You Wear Your Messenger Bag More in Front?

The best way to wear your messenger bag is more in front. This way, the bag is balanced on your body and rests against your side. If you're worried about the bag weight throwing you off balance, make sure that the strap is adjusted to a length that fits you or is just above your shoulder.

Also, the strap should be placed close to the centre of your chest. This will help distribute the weight evenly across your body.

How to Wear a Messenger Bag When Riding a Bike?

Messenger bags are specifically made for walking around with your stuff. When it comes to wearing it on a bike, it does take some getting used to. You'll want to ride your bike with the strap laid out in front of you, from your shoulder to your waist. This will help distribute the weight evenly.

You may even want to change the way you ride depending on the type of bag you have. If it's a larger bag, turning it around and putting it backwards can help keep the bag from moving around.

Final Thoughts

If you want to look good when you're wearing your messenger bag, it's important that you wear it the right way. This can take time and adjustment, but with time, you'll get the hang of it.

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