Tips to Choose a Canvas Duffle Bag or Suitcase for Travelling

Different travellers have different needs, and various destinations present additional challenges. While we might wish for a one-size-fits-all solution, every experience is unique and requires the right tools and accessories.

One of the significant considerations is always what kind of luggage to bring. This essentially comes down to personal preferences and comfort, but sometimes one type of luggage is better than another. Here, we explore a considerable debate when preparing for a trip – should you bring a canvas duffle bag or roll a suitcase down the streets?

Carrying a duffel is convenient, and you can pack more stuff in it, but it’s only comfortable for a few minutes before it weighs you down. Rolling around a suitcase doesn’t put much burden on you until you try to pull your luggage through cobblestones and make a racket with all the noise. Then some destinations are great for any type of luggage.

Before we go into the specifics of what your next purchase should be, here are some general tips if your destinations are as varied as your preferences.


Duffle bags come in all shapes and sizes—from overnighters to carry-ons to cargo. They're also more flexible than regular suitcases since they don't have a frame so that they can accommodate more irregular items such as tennis rackets or dive equipment.

While this sounds tempting, consider how much walking around you will do. You may be able to cram more stuff in your duffel, but if it gets too heavy for you to carry, it's not worth it. Soft duffel bags also lose their shape and flop around when they’re not filled. So, if you don’t plan on filling it all the way, consider your options.


If you plan on taking cars and being chauffeured, then a suitcase is the way to go. But if you'll be using public transportation, a duffle will be more convenient for carrying around and keeping close to your person.

Pavements and smooth floors are perfect for suitcases. Otherwise, you'll want a canvas duffle bag for dirt, cobblestone, brick, and buildings without elevators.


How long your luggage lasts depends on how often you travel and handle it and your belongings.

An excellent hard case can take a lot of abuse, but more moving parts also mean more potential problems. Duffles may last longer depending on the material, but they will also fall apart if you throw them haphazardly or store sharp materials.

Personal Considerations

Duffles are more likely to be stolen than suitcases since they're made of materials that are easier to slice open. They also have external pockets that can smuggle contraband or steal items from the bag.

There are several ways to prevent this, though. Some duffel bags have lockable zippers that can be secured with a luggage lock. If you can't find a lock, you can thread a cable tie through the zippers to ensure they're closed tightly.


If you have a vehicle to store your belongings, it doesn't matter what kind of luggage you bring. But if you'll be moving around a lot, think about how tired you'll be carrying your luggage. Sometimes rolling luggage is more convenient than a carry-on.


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