The Kind of Backpack You Need for Your Next Euro Trip

The Kind of Backpack You Need for Your Next Euro Trip

From the majesty of Paris to the smoke-filled coffee shops of Amsterdam to the beaches of Greece, Europe offers it all. Travelling around Europe for a few weeks or months will keep you busy. Thus, you'll need many things to travel with inside your backpack. 

Regardless of the length of your vacation, there are a few things you should bring with you to ensure a pleasant journey. Water canisters and toothbrushes are examples of such items. Meanwhile, valuables like money and passports should be kept safe. You may also require immediate access to items such as your smartphone.

Without further ado, we've highlighted a few features your backpack may need for your next Euro trip.

What Should You Look for in a Travel Backpack for Europe?

Before you go shopping for a bag, consider the following.

The Size

Travel documents and a passport, money, toiletries, Kleenex, some simple drugs such as aspirin, beachwear, and laundry detergent are just a few of the things you might need while backpacking through Europe.

You'll need a bag large enough to store all of your belongings yet small enough to travel between European cities.

The Pockets and Components

You only need a few conveniently accessible objects, and those requirements alter daily based on where you are. For example, if you know you'll be travelling through a forest, have water, maps, and compasses in those handy pockets. For your day, you'll need at least one easy-access pocket.

The Anti-Theft Protection

Pickpockets are common in Europe, especially in tourist regions. Thus, it is crucial to keep your essentials secure when travelling for extended periods of time. So, when choosing your backpack, choose one with anti-theft protection features.

The Durability

The climate in Europe varies greatly, from heavy rain to searing sun. Here, you're likely to drop your backpack on a variety of terrain, ranging from soft sand to muddy, rocky. Thus, your bag must be able to resist any scenario that may develop during your journey.

The Material

If you’re opting for a stylish leather bag, you may want to stop before you make that purchase. Leather is sourced from an animal's skin and thus the most durable option. After all, it was designed by nature to endure a lifetime. A cow’s skin, however, is not built to withstand the same amount of punishment as your suitcase, such as being flung around a hot bus or repeatedly thrown to the ground, or transported in a luggage compartment or through dangerous terrain.

As a result, leather is not a good choice. Choose strong materials with caution, such as canvas material with waterproof layers inside to keep your belongings dry.


In the wide market of fashion and retail, you may be overwhelmed by the thousands of backpacking choices available today. So, to make things easy for you, think about your personal needs and narrow down your options from there. When you have the right backpack (or two), you will get more than what you need and enjoy your adventures. 

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