Essential Crossbody Bag Dos and Don'ts You Need to Remember

Crossbody bags are back in style. Also called a bumbag, fanny pack or roadman bag, this style came into play in the '90s as a fashion statement.

The bag was previously deemed trendy by streetwear fans, but it has now found its way into less trend-obsessed collections. It's now worn for its function, but a crossbody handbag may still add a stylistic edge to your look.

They're significantly more comfy than shoving your keys and wallet into your jeans' back pocket. They also look beautiful when worn correctly, so here are some dos and don'ts of this hands-free accessory that a new generation has come to love:


  1. Do Make Use of Them in a Practical Way

There's a reason why it’s a timeless addition to your wardrobe, regardless of your age or sense of style. Choose an oversized design if you need to carry a lot and make a statement, or a thinner, smaller form if you travel light.

  1. Do Look For One That Suits Your Personality

Your crossbody bag should match your wardrobe and your needs. Instead, opt for something dark or neutral, like a khaki or navy handbag. If you're into tones of streetwear, there's no shortage of vibrant hues like pink or red. The use of strong prints, such as a monogram print, will also assist in completing your look.

  • Do Wear Them Properly

  • There are different ways to wear crossbody bags. The size of your crossbody bags is mainly determined by your demands and the number of belongings you wish to transport. 

    If you can get by with only your phone and lipgloss in your purse, a tiny crossbody bag is excellent for you. And if you want everything you could possibly need in a day to be within reach, an enormous crossbody in leather is the way to go.

    Moreover, if you're an environmentally concerned shopper, you'll want to invest in a high-quality crossbody bag that will survive for a long time. Avoid inexpensive, fast-fashion alternatives since, while they may appear charming, they will not last long.

    Lastly, there are no rules for wearing a crossbody bag, so go with the flow and do what works best for you. Allow it to hang behind your back or in front of you, and it can even be converted into a fanny pack. Go crazy and get the most of your bag by wearing it in any way conceivable.


    1. Don't Wear Them With Tight-Fitting Clothes

    Crossbody bags look best with a looser, more relaxed design, which is why these tapered pants look so well. You should also avoid wearing it with anything overly dressy. Moreover, crossbody bags look far better with casual clothing than a suit and tie.

  • Don't Forget About Styling

  • Crossbody bags can make or ruin an outfit and can be styled in various ways.

    Wear them across the front like a traditional bum bag or fanny pack to maximise its practicality. In addition, one of the most common and relaxed ways to wear them is on top of your clothing or below as a mid-layer style to create visual flair. While these guidelines are recommended, remember to wear it in the way that you feel most comfortable.


    It's great when fashion statements and accessories come in style again. Thus, it could be a great idea to keep functional items such as crossbody bags. Whether they are in style or not, they are classic accessories that always look trendy and functional when worn right.

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