Chain Wallets - They're Coming Back in Style in 2022

We cannot deny that wallets are useful. Almost everyone has one, usually in their back pocket. But pick a wallet? That's a lot tougher. There are hundreds of different styles: trifold, bi-fold, or tri-fold? And then you have to decide what kind of lining you want and how many card slots you need. Plus, there are brands, and they all want to make you think their wallets are the best. We certainly have enough to choose from, more than a million variations if you include all the niche styles. Take chain wallets, for example. At some point in history, they were popular, and now after almost a century of silence, they're making a comeback in 2022.

Chain Wallets: They're Coming Back in Style in 2022

What does a good chain wallet have in common? Let's look at the criteria.

1 - Material

As a general rule, chain wallets can be made of both leather and metal. The more traditional ones are made of leather, while the newer ones are made of stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium.

2 - Length of Chain

In some cases, the chain actually extends the length of the wallet, sometimes doubling back. In other cases, the chain is shorter, extending only a little bit of the length of the wallet.

3 - Design

The chain wallet design is influenced by several factors. First is the combination of different materials, such as leather and the chain. Second, the combination of different pockets and compartments, as well as the location of the compartments. The third is the design of the chain itself and the clasp.

4 - Size

Like wallets themselves, chain wallets come in different sizes, ranging from smaller pouches that can fit inside your back pocket to larger wallets that can fit easily in your front pocket.

5 - Clasp

How the chain wallet is attached to the wallet itself plays a major role in the design. Some wallets were designed to allow the chain to extend freely from one side of the wallet to the other, while others will allow the chain to extend short and then double back, effectively becoming a part of the outer part of the wallet.

6 - Security

A lot of men might not consider this factor, but it's important to know. How secure is the wallet? Will someone steal it? How easy is it to take it off the pocket? How easily can someone get through the chain?

7 - Usability

The usability of the wallet is paramount. Unless you're James Bond and can get away with wearing a chain wallet, it's best to choose a simple, durable wallet that does its job, fits your needs and doesn't get in the way when you wear it.

8 - Price

You want the best wallet for the price, but it's probably not a good idea to spend a lot of money on a wallet that will probably be obsolete in a few years.


The good thing about chain wallets is that, for the most part, they were designed for men who like the old-style look and feel. They usually aren't the type of wallets you can get for $10, and you'll get bored of them in six months. They're meant to last, and, as such, they're built to last.

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