5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Backpacks in London

Backpacks are still the most popular luggage among backpackers, and it's not just because we have a reputation to uphold. Backpacks, when worn properly, feel much lighter than they appear, and they provide more agility than a suitcase on wheels when the terrain isn't smooth and level.

However, it is common for buyers to choose the incorrect type of backpacks in London. The following are some common blunders people make while purchasing backpacks:

Sizing Inaccurately

Backpacks don't come in one-size-fits-all sizes. People frequently misunderstand the ideal size for their needs and wind up with excessively small or enormous backpacks. Extra-large bags are difficult to carry and will not uniformly distribute weight, causing strained muscles in your back. On the other hand, small bags cannot carry all your daily necessities.

Your pack should go from the top of your hips to the base of your neck when properly worn, and it should be large enough to carry all of the supplies you need with you. It's always best to examine the compartments and pockets to see whether they fit all of your essentials.

Regarding the size of the pack, don't try to cram everything into it. It will be more prone to wear and tear if this is done. Overcrowding your bag can result in uneven weight distribution and cause back problems.

Ignoring Style & Branding

Another blunder is that many people do not research the brands. The pricing, quality, and durability of your backpack are all reflected in the brand. Local and unestablished brand backpacks are less expensive than well-known branded backpacks.

The world is constantly evolving regarding fashion, and our fashionable backpacks are no exception. Would you want your friends to refer to you as old-fashioned? Also, a long warranty period is a sign of a reputable company; opt for a guaranteed good if you want to ensure that your bag lasts a long time.

Overlooking Construction and Durability 

A well-made backpack can last for years. One can choose a lighter bag to lighten the load, but this may not be robust enough. As a result, you might have to discard it after the first use. Every material, such as polyester, fabric nylon, and others, has advantages and disadvantages. It's critical to do your homework on what kind of backpack material will best fit your needs.

Also, packs with a stabiliser strap, such as a shoulder harness, may not suit your body type. Also, a canvas backpack designed for a male may not be the best fit for a woman's body.

Misaligning The Objective

Online, you may get a wide range of backpacks. When one is in a hurry, the instinct is to choose anything that is "good enough" or "just alright." However, if you're just getting started with backpacks, the most important thing to consider is the type of journey you'll be taking it on.

No such thing as a multitasking backpack exists. The sort of bag to bring depends on the length of the trip and the nature of the activities. You may require trekking poles, climbing cables, and hiking boots when going hiking. Regular backpacks cannot adequately store all of this stuff, so you get rucksacks that include the necessary modifications.

Buying Without First Considering The Features

Buyers frequently overlook the backpack's straps, resulting in thin straps that might irritate the skin. On the other hand, Padded straps provide extra comfort on the shoulders and may be adjusted to your preference for optimal fit. Depending on the type of backpack, it is tied over the stomach or along the shoulders.

Another factor that many people overlook is whether or not their bags are waterproof. Travelling without a waterproof pack during the rainy season can be quite inconvenient, and hikers may have trouble crossing a stream or river. As a result, getting a waterproof bag for the worst-case scenario is vital.

Streamlined backpacks are required for certain activities. However, even if the number of pockets does not affect the activity, having too many might lead to weight difficulties due to the desire to stuff all of the pockets and the extra material. 


To conclude, you should invest in a nice backpack that evenly distributes weight and efficiently stores your items. This backpack may be with you for most of your journey, and each of those days may serve as a reminder that you should have spent more time choosing a backpack if you don't get it right at first. Make sure to remember the above-mentioned tips before you buy bags in London! 

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