Which Is the Better Bag for You - Waxed Canvas or Leather

When it comes to choosing the right bag for your lifestyle, there are many factors to consider. From materials to size to style, all of these elements come into play when selecting a bag that will best suit the needs of your day-to-day activities. 

Two popular materials that are often used to craft bags are waxed canvas and leather. Both materials have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider your lifestyle when deciding which material is best for you.

In order to properly compare a textile to animal skin, you must first realise that you are contrasting a plant byproduct with an animal byproduct.

Heavy cotton that has been saturated with a paraffin-based wax is known as waxed canvas. The procedure can turn the cotton canvas waterproof or water-resistant, depending on the kind and quantity of wax used.

Numerous consumer goods contain leather, most frequently cow leather. You can contrast full-grain leather and a tough waxed canvas to see how the two fabrics differ.

Discussing the various quality levels is pointless because the highest quality waxed canvas is far superior to bonded leather, the lowest grade of leather, as a material for a bag.

The sections below compare the premium grade of waxed canvas and the highest grade of leather.

Overview of Waxed Canvas

The origins of waxed canvas can be traced back to mid-16th-century sailing. Wet or dry, waterproof sailcloth performed better.

Before particular recipes for different types of cloth and waxing degrees were devised, fish oil and grease were utilised. In modern production, many of these methods are still well-guarded secrets.

Due to their durability and capacity to withstand adverse conditions, military uniforms and luggage swiftly replaced sailing gear in use.

Fashion manufacturers have embraced waxed canvas for clothing for the same reasons—repellent properties, durability, and the allure of beauty. Use-induced patina replicates the natural ageing process of good leather.

Determine the ounce weight of the cloth before deciding whether to purchase a product manufactured from waxed canvas. One square yard of an 18 oz. waxed canvas weighs that much in weight.

The fabric’s flexibility decreases as you get closer to greater weights while the cost increases. Not always is waxed canvas less expensive. The cost of heavy materials can get close to that of premium leather.

Overview of Leather

You need to comprehend why waxed canvas and leather are being compared. Which material do you think might be more water-resistant? Leather can become water-resistant or waterproof by applying certain waxes and treatments.

Luxury yacht manufacturers could ask for particular leather upholstery treatments or coatings. Beachfront hotels might use their deck furniture similarly.

Leather is often a porous material that is not typically prepared to be waterproof, so keep that in mind when comparing bags or clothing. A sprint to the car in the rain wouldn’t damage a leather purse or jacket.


Both waxed canvas and leather are excellent choices for your bag. Waxed canvas has long been the material of choice for those seeking a product that can survive the elements.

They both have demonstrated their durability if that is what you are looking for. Canvas is typically a lighter option than leather, depending on the type.

Products made of waxed canvas are typically more pliable and compact when empty. Given how differently both materials look and feel, beauty is a matter of personal preference.

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