What Is the Proper Way to Go About Cleaning a Canvas Bag

No matter where you are in the world, chances are you've seen people toting canvas bags around as their carrier of choice. That's because they've become more fashionable through the years, especially with the rise of the sustainability movement. They're also incredibly versatile and come in a number of sizes, textures, and even shapes. Customisation is also readily available through a number of mediums.

In fact, you probably already have one or two yourself. No matter how pretty your bag gets, however, it's bound to end up dirty at some point. It's important to find out how to properly maintain and care for your canvas bag, particularly when it comes to keeping it clean.

The Canvas Bag

Of course, it's key to have a better understanding of what a canvas bag is before any care, cleaning, and maintenance are involved. The very term canvas is actually rooted in the word 'cannabis' since it used to be made with hemp. Canvas is a main kind of textile, commonly known as fabric that's woven plainly. Its eco-friendly nature is what has led it to be a key part of the sustainability movement in terms of fashion.

Canvas bags are widely reusable since they're durable and strong. This comes from the features of canvas in the first place, including:

  • Linen
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a synthetic plastic polymer
  • Two-ply or multiple single yarns

No matter what kind of canvas bag is at hand, its durability and flexibility cannot be questioned. Softness is a key element of it all as well. However, the other side is that it can be quite prone to dirt and grime building up.

Read on to learn more about the proper way to go about cleaning a canvas bag:

Prep It for Cleaning

Before anything else, prepare the bag for cleaning. Make sure that before any actual cleaning is done, any and all decor or accessories get taken off and put aside. Check for buttons, keychains, and even pins that will hinder the cleaning process. They could also end up damaged. Make sure the bag is empty, too; canvas is highly prone to stains. A single pen uncapped and leaking ink can make a huge stain that may be permanent.

Read the Tag

Like most clothing or fashion items, canvas bags tend to come with a tag that lists the safety requirements involved with washing. There are plenty of canvas bags with prints, paintings, embroidery, and so much more that will need certain care. Cold water is usually the best course of action for these items to retain their decorative additions. Heat can lead to irreversible damage, whether in terms of printed art, paint, or the like.

Deal with Stains

Spot cleaning is crucial before any overall cleaning is done. Prior to fully washing the canvas bag, stains should be addressed first. Moreover, any stain removal products should be tested on a small area before full-on use.


Canvas bags are growing in popularity all over the world. They come decorated in many art forms such as prints or paint and the like. Cleaning canvas bags includes preparation through removing any accessories or whatnot, reading the tag, and dealing with stains.

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