Travel Tips - Choosing the Best Luggage for Your Road Trip

As summer approaches and restrictions ease, many of us are beginning to plan road trips. To make packing for your journey more manageable, we’ve compiled our top tips for choosing the right luggage bag. Keep reading to find the perfect bag for your next getaway.

How to Choose the Luggage For You?

You can select from different types of bags you can when packing for a road trip, each having their own levels of comfort and protection for your belongings. This is why you need to consider the other variables involving your trip.

Follow these tips to help you choose the best luggage for your road trip:

  • Complete Your Packing List

  • Before you go out and buy a new suitcase, sit down and make a complete list of everything you need to pack. This will assist you in deciding on how much stuff you need to bring and what large or bulky items you need to consider.

    For example, you might think a small backpack you use for weekend getaways would be enough for an overnight trip to a wedding. However, you may need to pack a lot more than you think. A small hard-shell suitcase that can fit a garment bag would be a better option.

    A good bag should be able to hold all your items without damaging them. It's not just about cramming everything in. Besides, a business traveller might also want to bring a bag with special compartments to keep their laptop and documents secure. 

  • Know Your Transportation and Accommodation

  • Your destination is probably the first thing you think of when packing for a trip, but you should also consider how you'll be getting to your accommodation. Can you drive right up to the door? Will you have to carry your bag over cobbled streets or sidewalks? Will you need to lift it in and out of your car often?

    When choosing luggage, you'll want to consider factors such as weight and durability. A lightweight bag will be more comfortable to carry and won't add extra weight to your trip. However, transporting anything fragile, you might want a bag with more protection.

    When planning your trip, consider how you will be getting around. This will help you decide whether to bring rolling luggage or a backpack. If you'll be walking on dirt roads and uneven paths, it's probably best to carry your bags rather than try to roll them.

  • Check the Quality and Convenience of Your Bag

  • See if the material guarantees you a more prolonged use or not. You can consider if it has heavy-duty, water-repellent fabrics and is built to last.

    Besides that, check if the luggage's structure has a good capacity. It would be ideal to have different storage zones, bottle holders, and other pockets.

    The design of your luggage should also be versatile and can be used in the boot or back seat. The easy-to-grab handles are also essential to make it great for use outside the car for picnics and shopping trips. This will also be perfect for vehicles like cars, vans, caravans, and 4WDs!

  • Consider Your Other Travels

  • If you need to buy luggage for your road trip, think about getting something that will also be useful for future air travel.

    If your weekender or smaller road trip bag fits the dimensions, it can be used as a carry-on. The sizes differ depending on the airline, but for most Australian carriers, a 56 x 36 x 23cm bag is allowed.


    Planning your trip will help you choose the right luggage bag for your needs. Whether you prefer a backpack, duffle bag, or suitcase, make sure it's the right size and material for your travel plans.

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