The Best Bag Types for Carrying Your Laptop Around

Laptops are essential for productive professionals on the go. They're quite literally a portable workstation you can take anywhere. They're pretty valuable with all the data and tech they contain, so keeping them protected in transit is in your best interest. Your precious mobile office deserves a good bag, so let's explore the different bag types that can keep your laptop safe while making you look stylish!


Let's start with an easy one. Backpacks are a cool, classic and casual choice for keeping your laptop safe while travelling. They're also great for carrying more than just your laptop. Just be sure to get one that has a laptop sleeve to keep it safe from getting damaged by whatever else you might want to carry with you.

Satchel Bag

If you're looking for something a little more dressy and professional, then looking into satchel bags might be a good idea. Satchel bags are great because they look professional, come with plenty of pockets for organisation, and offer flexibility in the way it's carried. It can be held by its handle or carried with a strap.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are in-between a satchel bag and a backpack in terms of formality. If it's convenience you're looking for, a messenger bag might be a better choice than a backpack. You can easily take your laptop out from the messenger bag while wearing it, unlike the backpack, which you have to remove from your back just to access its contents.

Tote Bag

For a bag that's both casual and practical, a tote is a great option. They're large enough to carry your essentials, and some feature compartments for easy organisation. Try choosing one that you can zip to keep your laptop secure.


If you want a more formal and professional-looking choice, a briefcase is your best bet. They're simple, with a few compartments and pockets to keep things organised. They also have a tough exterior, providing your laptop with what could be the best protection of all the bags. If you're interested in one, there are plenty of leather briefcases with slots to secure your laptop.

Trolley Bag

Lastly, if you feel as though your laptop's too heavy to lug around for long periods of time, then a laptop trolley bag will be a good option. It's essentially a briefcase with wheels. You can easily roll it behind you, keeping your hands free. If you're often travelling long distances and need a convenient way to transport your laptop, a trolley bag might be the right choice.


We believe that a good bag can make all the difference when travelling with your laptop. You must choose one that suits your personal style and that you find convenient. These six recommendations should help you narrow down your choices of what bags to choose. Whatever you choose, all of the laptop bags mentioned above have great, sturdy exteriors or efficient interiors to make carrying your laptop around as convenient as possible. So, choose a bag that's comfortable and convenient for you, and have peace of mind as you carry your laptop wherever you go!

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