Should You Buy a Messenger Bag or a Backpack

Should You Buy a Messenger Bag or a Backpack?

Investing in a good bag to use for your day to day travel should be a staple for just about anyone who goes to work. Whether you’re commuting on public transport or you have your own car, keeping all your essentials in a single bag is convenient and necessary. The problem is, which bag should you choose, a messenger bag or a backpack? This guide aims to answer that question and help you figure out which bag is best for you.

Messenger Bags

Let’s begin with messenger bags. At first glance, the style and the look of messenger bags are entirely different from a typical backpack. A messenger bag has a cross-body strap for wearing across one shoulder and looks more like a satchel that’s great for carrying all your personal belongings.

The Pros - Most messenger bags aren’t bulky at all and are just the right size for all your valuables, including your laptop and folders. You’ll have easy access to all your things whenever you need to get something out of the bag. They’re a popular choice for students and employees who like to be on the move constantly. Messenger bags have a slightly more professional look than backpacks, which makes them a good alternative for a briefcase, which can be too formal at times.

The Cons - The downside to using a messenger bag is the limited number of items you can put inside it. You can’t really put heavy items in it as it would strain only one side of your shoulder, which could lead to some pain and discomfort for carrying your bag for too long. They’re not as spacious as backpacks, and filling them with too many items will make your bag look too bulky and unwieldy.


Backpacks have always been the go-to choice for almost any occasion. They’re a lot different than messenger bags in the sense that you wear them on your back using two straps. They also come in various sizes, designs, and the number of compartments, giving you a lot of choices to choose from.

The Pros - Backpacks have a lot more leeway when carrying heavier items. In fact, they’re primarily designed to do just that. If you’re going on a vacation or need to travel for a couple of hours, having a backpack with all your essentials is a must. You can also bring your laptop with you since many backpacks have laptop compartments, or you can just get a sleeve for your computer. You’ll also have no trouble carrying even heavier items since the weight is evenly distributed on both of your shoulders

The Cons - If you want ease of access to your things, then a backpack isn’t for you. It can be hard to extract anything from it since you need to remove the entire bag from your shoulder and open it up. A top-loading backpack, in particular, can be a pain to find things in, especially if it’s packed full.


Both types of bags have their uses and are both viable options depending on your needs. If you value convenience, style, and ease of use, then go for a messenger bag. On the other hand, if comfort and space are much more important, then a backpack is the right choice. Either way, you’ll benefit from using them.

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