Messenger Bags - Are They Better for Your Back

If you always need a bag you can carry during your daily commute or the occasional travel from one country to another, perhaps choosing a bag that would positively affect your posture is the better route. After all, your bag can wear down your spine and muscles over time. 

One bag that has been regaining popularity in recent years is the messenger bag. The reason for this case is their ability to be worn across the body, which helps distribute the weight more evenly. Unlike backpacks, they don't tend to pull on your shoulders as much, which can benefit your posture.

Are Messenger Bags Better for Your Back?

If you have tried using a backpack with only a reasonable amount of items daily, you may have found that your back hurts after a while. Backpacks distribute the weight evenly to both your shoulders, but your shoulders may suffer after a few heavy lifts.

However, if you use a messenger bag, you will more evenly distribute the weight across your body, and you won't have to worry about removing items to lighten the load. You don't need to worry about not being able to access your belongings while wearing this bag. Most messenger bags have straps that let you wear them over your shoulder or across your chest.

The Advantage of Messenger Bags From Other Bags

Aside from being easy on your back, here are some more benefits to using messenger bags:

1 - Strap Length Adjustment

Bags commonly have straps that you can adjust to fit a variety of body types. The same applies to messenger bags. Most of them are designed to rest on your hipbone, which gives them a more comfortable and secure fit. Always test it when sitting or walking for many hours to ensure it fits you perfectly. This way, you can ensure the straps are in the proper position and not too tight or loose.

2 - Handle

Messenger bags often come with a briefcase-style handle. You don't have to carry the bag by the shoulder strap. Instead, you can grab the hold and take it like a briefcase. This rigid structure and comfortable way of being carried is also an excellent choice for those who want a more sophisticated look.

3 - Switching Sides

Is your right shoulder already hurting from carrying your messenger bag for so long? No worries because you can transfer it to your left and give your right shoulder a break. This technique is also an excellent way to switch the muscles you use so each one can get a break.

4 - Ease of Taking It Off

When using a backpack, you would have to take it off entirely from your shoulders so you can sit down and lay it on your lap. This can be a hassle, especially in a subway packed with people. 

With messenger bags, you have to slide them off one shoulder, and they'll rest comfortably on your opposite hip. This makes it easy to get on and off public transportation, and you won't have to worry about people brushing up against your backpack and getting your stuff wet or dirty.

Final Thoughts

For those seeking a bag that is better for their back, messenger bags are a fantastic choice. Messenger bags evenly distribute the weight across the shoulders, relieving pressure on the neck and back. Additionally, they have a variety of pockets and compartments that can help organise the contents and balance out their weight.

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