How to Classify A Leather Bag of Excellent Quality

If you're searching for a bag made of genuine leather, it's a good idea to learn about the characteristics of the material. Unfortunately, there are enough merchants that misrepresent leatherette as genuine. On the other hand, those who copy leather are becoming more sophisticated. 

It might be difficult for the average individual to distinguish between real and fake leather. We will provide you with five steps in this brief article to help you answer the issue of how to recognize a good quality leather bag, which will come in handy the next time you are shopping for one. Not every leather is suitable for use.

If you want to buy bags in London, you'll discover that the quality of the leather and the price vary significantly.

  • Genuine leather is split into three categories based on its quality.
  • Leather with full-grain;
  • Leather with a top grain;
  • Leather that has been split.

Full-grain leather has the highest quality. Therefore, it is more costly, but split leather has the lowest grade, so it is less expensive.

Another thing to consider while shopping for a high-quality bag is the label. Any bag might have a label that says "genuine leather," but that label will tell you nothing about how the animal was nourished, nor will it tell you anything about the leather's fermentation process. The animal's general condition directly relates to the quality of the leather bag you're searching for.

The word "genuine leather" also doesn't specify if the bag is made of cow, sheep, lamb, or another animal. If there is no sign, always inquire about the origin of the leather.

How Can You Tell If The Bag You're Eyeing Is Made Of Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather goods feature a label that is a symbolic depiction of a spread animal skin with the manufacturer's accompanying name. This label may be seen on the inside of the bag. If the manufacturer's name isn't listed on the label, inquire at the shop or look for additional information online.

How Can You Tell Whether The Leather Bag Is of Excellent Quality?

You may use the following clues to determine if the bag is made of real leather or imitation leather: scent, surface structure, touch, cutting edges, oil and water test, and pricing to guide you properly. So, take a look at each one.

The Price

The price alone will not tell you if this leather bag is of excellent or poor quality, just as it will not tell you whether most other things you buy are of good or poor quality. Aside from the high quality of the leather, the brand name of your bag has a considerable impact on the product's pricing. On the other hand, real and good-quality leather is more costly than poor-quality leather or even an imitation.

As a result, if you find a bag from an unknown brand that is extremely pricey, you can practically ensure that the quality will be greater than that of more well-known names. Rather than focusing exclusively on a phoney name, such dealers and producers place a premium on quality.

The Odour

Unfortunately, you will not be able to smell your purchases if you shop online. Leather has a distinct and pleasant odour that cannot be duplicated. On the other hand, imitated leather may have no odour or a faint plastic odour.

The Structures On The Surface

Again, if you're doing your purchasing online, you can be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, many websites include photographs that may be zoomed in. When you buy a leather bag online, take advantage of this option.

The complete grain of a high-quality canvas leather bag is easy to spot. That implies that you could notice slight inherent flaws if you look closely enough. Cuts, bug bites, stretch marks, and neck wrinkles are examples of these. Do not, however, ignore these problems as flaws. They are a symbol of high quality since they confirm the leather's genuineness.


Real leather, particularly full grain and top grain leathers, is warm and pleasant to the touch and provides a secure grip. On the other hand, synthetic leather is silky smooth, stiff, and frigid to the touch.


Over time, high-quality full-grain leather develops a lovely patina. On the other hand, imitated leather will keep its colour or fade somewhat over time.

Cutting Edges

Artificial leather has smooth edges, but genuine leather has a fibrous structure at the edges of the skin's protein-containing pores. However, don't be misled; there is one difference in processed leather that is tough to spot.


When purchasing a canvas leather messenger bag online, the drawback of not being able to touch or smell the bag is undeniable. The benefit is that you may choose from a wider range of options at slightly lower pricing. If you don't have access to a good leather bag shop that offers high-quality leather bags, we can tell you that Troop London has a respectable assortment of genuine leather bags for men and women. Our product descriptions provide this information, allowing you to make an informed buying decision.

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