How to Choose the Perfect Duffel Bag for Your Next Travel

How to Choose the Perfect Duffel Bag for Your Next Travel

Ready for your next trip?

Well, you may be wondering what piece of luggage you should use next. As you know, duffel bags are one of the most versatile bags you’ll ever own and can come in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes, colours, materials and even carrying options.

If your next destination takes you to a long and remote destination, then the heavy-duty duffel bags can be your lifesaver. If you are going to travel light, then packable and ultralight models are the ones you need to use.

Now, if you’re as confused as the others, then knowing which designs and models can save you a lot of time in thinking about which bag to pack and can accommodate your specific needs.

So to ease up your mind, here are the things you should consider in choosing the perfect duffel bag for your next travel adventure.

Consider Its Intended Use

Before you choose any duffel bag, you may want to think about the things you need to put inside it and what’s the purpose of your trip. Do you need a bag model that can carry your essentials to the gym, or do you need a bigger model for your general travels? Always think of how you intend to use your bag so you can pick the right one for your needs. 

General Travels

If your bag is just for general travel purposes, then pick the well-rounded models that are durable, comfortable, user-friendly and can balance the weight of everything you will put inside. You may also want designs that have easy-to-remove straps and have extra storage compartments.

As for the material, stick to polyester or lightweight nylon or natural materials such as waxed cotton, canvas or leather. For the storage volume, you may want to consider a bag that can accommodate 90- to 100-litre volume in case you’re in for an extended trip or if you suddenly need to take an aeroplane.

Weekend Travels

If you’re off for a weekend getaway, then use the same design that you use during your general travel, but smaller. So instead of a duffel bag with 90- to 100-litre volume, then you can just use a smaller same design bag with about 30- to 50-litre storage volume. You can pick a smaller model with backpack straps if you want to carry it comfortably or you can choose to have carry handles so you can easily hold it with your hand.

Daily Use Travels

If you’re looking for duffel bags that you can use for school, work, soccer practice, gym or just travelling around the town, then you need a design for everyday use. This duffel bag model may look similar to the weekend travel bag you have should be much smaller and lighter since it’s intended to be used every day. You also may want to pick simpler designs but should still prioritise durability. Some of the materials you may want to consider should include waxed cotton or ultralight nylon.

Extreme Adventures

For travels that may take you to remote areas or to extreme adventures, then a heavy-duty duffel bag is something you need to use so you can protect any important documents or items that need extra protection.

In places where you experience wet and cold temperatures, hot and sandy dunes or even temperamental weathers, then the rugged-style duffel bag designs are up for the challenge.

The design of these heavy-duty bags is similar to general travel bags, but they have distinct features and extra durability is added. The materials are made of 900- to 1000-denier laminate robust materials with reinforced bottom panels for extra support. It also has heavy-duty backpack straps, grab handles and daisy chain lash points so you can tie your bag into a haul sled or a 4x 4 vehicle. You’ll get to make use of the extra pockets intended for your rugged, extreme adventures. This type of duffel bag offers you more volume storage of up to 150 litres.


When choosing the perfect duffel bag, the first thing you need to consider is what it is for. From there, you can decide the right size, features and details you will look for. Through this article, we hope that you are able to choose the right bag that fits your specific needs.

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