Here’s How to Wash a Polyester Backpack in 7 Steps – Part 1

You ordered a new backpack online, and while it is the cutest thing, eek! It is polyester, and you have never learned how to wash polyester.

When we buy things, we often do not consider the material. If it looks great, then we buy it, and that is that. But when it finally comes time to wash it, we realise what we have just done, so we end up just stuffing it in the wash and hope for the best.

Don't fret, though, because we will teach you how to wash a polyester backpack in this two-part article. Let’s get started!

  • Make Sure It's Empty

  • Make sure that your backpack is always empty before washing it. This prevents accidentally leaving something inside to get washed and damaged or possibly damaging your own washing machine.

    Check all of the pockets at least twice before washing. You do not want to accidentally leave a gadget, some cash or important papers in there once you throw it in the wash. You do not want to break anything, do you?

    Keep track of what was inside and what you have taken out. Ideally, you can place them in one storage box to ensure that you do not lose anything while your backpack is still being washed.

  • Wipe Off the Surface

  • Try beating your bag with a stick to wipe off the dust, and just give it a pat with an old cloth. This will make the whole cleaning process faster and easier once you have put it in the washing machine.

    Wiping away the excess dirt will make the washing more efficient. Take this time to cut off any loose threads, as well. You should also go ahead and check for loose buttons or zips that may need some fixing on your bag.

  • Check the Label

  • Check the care label on the item. This is the most crucial step because it essentially tells you how to wash and take care of your bag. Despite the bag being polyester, there are still certain cases where it may not be washed like any other polyester item.

    It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions on washing it. They are the ones who know best how to handle and deal with the product. 

  • Individually Clean Stains
  • If there are any stains on your backpack, clean them out first before washing it. You can soak the bag a bit in soap and brush it out. If it does not work, try soaking the stained area a little longer to get rid of the stain.

  • Wash the Backpack

  • After getting rid of the stains, it is time to wash the backpack. You will have the option of throwing it in the washing machine or handwashing it.

    Just make sure that you are using lukewarm water and a gentle detergent that would not harm the polyester. If hand washing it, you may want to give it some time to soak up a bit before scrubbing and all. If using the washing machine, you can throw it in a pillowcase or some net bag to prevent the zippers from being damaged.

  • Dry It Out

  • Polyester is an easy material to work with, so you can tumble dry it. If you opt to just hang it out in the sun, make sure it is fully dry before putting it away to avoid any odd smells. If you want to tumble dry it first to make the hanging process faster, use a low heat level to prevent the fabric from shrinking.


    Now, you are more familiar with washing a polyester backpack. It is an easy process as long as you follow our advice and the care label on the item. However, don't forget to check out the second part of this article, where we answer some common questions you may have about washing polyester.

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