Eco-Friendly Fashion - Why You Should Switch to Vegan Bags

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Why You Should Switch to Vegan Bags

As people become more conscious about how their actions impact the environment, innovative minds have come up with environmentally friendly options to carry our stuff around. These include vegan backpacks. However, are these as durable as traditional bags?

Considering the impact of using traditional bags, why not switch to vegan backpack? If you are unsure if this is a good idea, take some time out to read this piece. 

Vegan Bags Are Eco-Friendly

A vegan backpack is made from more durable and environmentally friendly materials. Most of them are made from recycled plastics and treated with eco-friendly dyes. Some people opt for vegan bags to avoid animal fibres made into textiles.

The main reason why many people decide to use vegan bags is that they are not of animal origin. Most standard bags are made from leather or fur. Although the demand for vegan bags has increased, traditional bag manufacturers are forced to utilise synthetics or non-animal materials to create their products.

In the United States, synthetic leather is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is widely used in shoe soles and upholstery. PVC is highly flammable, and it emits hazardous gases when burned. PVC is also a petroleum-based product.

Most eco-friendly bags are made from recycled plastics. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that these are organic. Commonly used recycled plastic materials are high-density polyethene, nylon and hi-impact polystyrene. Unfortunately, these plastics are not biodegradable, and their disposal may lead to adverse environmental effects.

What Are Vegan Bags Made Of?

Vegan bags are made from fabrics that are not of animal origin. These include synthetics, plastic bottles, cork, bamboo, natural fibres and durable metals.

Synthetics are synthetic versions of natural fibres. This material is commonly used to produce fashion clothing and accessories. Polyester, nylon and viscose are common synthetics. Some people prefer vegan fabric to synthetic leather and other artificial materials.

Vegan bags are mostly made from natural fabrics. These include cotton and hemp. These fabrics are generally easier to process than synthetics and plastic bottles. These fabrics are also biodegradable.

As the name suggests, plastic bags are made by condensing bottles, bags and other plastic materials. This material is flexible, and it is commonly used in handbags, shopping bags and clothing. If you want to switch to a vegan bag, you can use this material to create your new bag.

How Durable Are Vegan Bags

Many people hesitate to buy a vegan backpack and other vegan bags because they fear that these products will not last long. The truth is that these bags are equally strong as regular bags. Organic cotton produces a solid and durable fabric. 

Bamboo is a popular material for vegan bags. It is an organic and biodegradable material that is very strong. Bamboo fabrics are generally more expensive than cotton, but they are more durable.



Nowadays, more people are substituting their leather bags with vegan alternatives. Vegan bags are made from non-animal products, such as recycled plastics and natural fabrics. These bags are commonly made from cotton, hemp, bamboo and other organic materials. The primary benefit of vegan bags is that they are eco-friendly. 

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