Choosing Between a Wheeled Duffel Bag and a Suitcase

For many travellers, wheeled duffel bags prove to be the worthier option. Though suitcase wheels are ideal, even the most well-constructed set of wheels will not be as stable as a rolling duffel bag. 

A wheeled duffel bag also tends to hold a greater capacity, and luggage manufacturers can design these bags for different types of travellers. Whether a traveller is looking to use a duffel bag on pavement or off-road, the options are endless.

If you are torn between the two, this article will provide you with the information you need to make a decision. Keep reading below.

Wheelie Luggage Bag

Many modern wheeled duffel bags feature their own style of locking wheels. This makes them easily recognisable in a sea of regular duffel bags. Most wheeled duffel bags will come with a nylon cover to protect the wheels and other parts of the bag that may come in contact with the ground. This is good to have when travelling off-road or going up and down stairs. In most cases, the bags have a foam or cloth lining to keep the inside of the bags clean and dry.

Pros and Cons of Using a Wheeled Duffel Bag


  • If a traveller has a lot of baggage, a wheeled duffel bag can be a perfect option.
  • The duffel bag will not be as susceptible to damage as a suitcase when being dragged in and out of a taxi, hotel room, off-road terrain, and other places.
  • If a traveller is not sure how much they will need to bring, the wheels will allow them to easily navigate crowded areas and tight spaces.
  • The wheels may serve as a seat for the traveller when waiting in lines or at the airport.
  • Some bags come with a nylon cover to protect the wheels and other parts of the bag that may come in contact with the ground.


  • The wheels are also weight. If a traveller has a heavier load, it will be harder to pull a wheeled duffel bag through crowds or on rocky terrain.
  • The bag will be heavier when being used.
  • The wheels may cause the bag to be unstable.
  • The wheels and other hardware may require more maintenance than a traditional duffel bag.

Pros and Cons of Using a Suitcase


  • Suitcases are lighter than duffel bags and are easier to manoeuvre through airport terminals and crowded cities.
  • If a traveller needs to carry their suitcase, the wheels and handle may provide a comfortable carry.


  • Suitcases are not as sturdy and may not be able to support a heavy load.
  • The wheels and handle may cause the suitcase to be unstable.
  • The wheels may break easily and will have to be replaced. The suitcase will have to be repaired and could become a significant expense.


Clearly, wheeled duffel bags are the better option. Suitcases are often more difficult to maintain because their wheels may be prone to break. When travelling off-road, wheeled duffel bags will not face the same challenges as a wheeled suitcase. Once a traveller knows how to use one and can keep it in place, it will prove to be the best choice of luggage.

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