Card Holders or Wallets Which Works Best For You

When it comes to accessories, the more function they have, the better, right? With this idea, there's no wonder wallets have been around for years.


While wallets have been helpful accessories for decades, consumer behaviour is now changing, and more people are going cashless, opting for cards and online transactions. With that being said, cardholders are gaining momentum, and wallets may be taking the back seat.


If you're confused about whether you should buy wallets or get a cardholder, don't worry—we're here to help. It pays to know a little about the two so you know which accessories to buy. Let's take a look!


A Quick Overview on the Wallet


One of the reasons many opt for wallets is that they can hold more than a cardholder, which works great if you have a bunch of cards to hold, cash, and some change. Besides that, wallets are thoughtfully designed to make them more functional as it has some zips and extra slots to ensure security for your cash and cards.


However, the downside about wallets is most definitely their size. For those who prefer to travel light, you might think twice about buying a wallet. This is also true for women as it's not always convenient to carry one.


However, not a lot find this a problem because of its functionality. All you need to do is to pair your wallet with the right bag so you can fit your wallet perfectly and avoid any issues with bulk and heaviness.


A Quick Overview on the Card Holder


Unlike wallets, cardholders are slimmer and more versatile, so if you're worried about the bulk and size of your wallets, this is something you won't have to deal with cardholders.


The great thing about cardholders is that they're much easier to access, don't bulge when it holds loose change and forces you to take only what you need. With its reduced size, you can have more durable accessories that will encourage you only to bring what you need, helping travel light throughout the day.


There are now a lot of different types of cardholders available on the market, and this is because of the growing demand for a cardholder. As a matter of fact, it's now a fashion statement, so you can expect more cardholders to be introduced in the market.


The Bottom Line: Which One Should You Get? A Wallet or a Cardholder?


If you think about whether you should buy wallets or cardholders, the answer is really up to you—how do you want to take your cards and money with you?


The good news is that both are functional, and they both have their fair share of pros and cons. While wallets come in bigger sizes and let you carry more in their compartments, cardholders are easy to find and lightweight, so it all boils down to what you feel the most comfortable with.


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