A Guy's Guide on How to Wear Crossbody Bags

Leather and fabric crossbody bags are on trend again, to the joy of millennials who have loved them many years ago and perhaps the amazement of the younger generations who approve of this utilitarian bag. It's easy to see why crossbody bags have made a comeback – they're big enough to hold the essentials but not too big to be bothersome like most backpacks are. They lend an old-school look that ironically is so in fashion right now.

But guys may not be as adventurous with their fashion as women are, so a switch from traditional backpacks and messengers may not be as easy for you. Don't worry, though. As long as you follow these tips on how to wear crossbody bags, you'll surely be effortlessly stylish:

Know How to Position Them

You can wear it across the body or just on one side in terms of position. It all depends on how much you want it to appear. If you're going to show it off, wear it across your body. If you don't, just wear it on one side.

The good news is that fashion bloggers, style icons, and even the everyday guy have been known to wear crossbody bags across their bodies, especially when they want to look relaxed and sophisticated. So, if you're still not sure about how to wear them, try them out and see how you like them. You may find that this position is the most flattering for you.

Choose the Right Size

Canvas and leather crossbody bags are hardy and very durable. They can fit a lot of stuff. However, this doesn't mean that you can just buy any old one that you see and you'll be fine. The bag you choose should match the amount of stuff you want to bring with you. You wouldn't want a bag to be too big or too small.

But, how do you choose the right size?

The first way is to ask the sales associate at your favorite retail store how big the bag can get and what you can fit.

The third way is to look for the measurements of the bag you want online.

The fourth way is to estimate the size by using a tape measure. Simply wrap it around your body to get a tape measure for your torso, then put the bag on. Then, measure the bag to see how much you can put inside.

Find the Perfect Material

Crossbody bags come in several materials, like leather, canvas, and synthetics.

If you want a crossbody bag to last long, choose a leather one. This material doesn't get damaged easily, plus it's one of the most popular materials of all time. It is a bit tricky to pretend to care for this bag, though, so you may want to get some professional advice about cleaning and maintaining it.

If you want a crossbody bag that is more durable than leather but not as expensive as it, canvas is the way to go. This material is used in tents and can withstand the test of time. It is also very lightweight, so you won't have much trouble carrying it around.

On the other hand, Synthetics is great if you're not that big on durability. Although they're great as an everyday bag, they may not last long because they get worn out easily. But then again, if you want to save money on a more expensive bag, then synthetics are the way to go.


The key to wearing leather or fabric crossbody bags the right way is to ensure it goes with your style. You know yourself better than anybody else and can tell if you can pull it off. And if you're still not sure about how to wear it, it's OK. It's better to experiment first with something you're not used to.

You may find that wearing crossbody bags the right way is easier than you think. After all, it's just your crossbody bag and you. Never forget that.

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