8 Essential Steps to Cleaning Your Luggage after Your Trip

It's no secret that everyone often tends to bring considerable luggage for out-of-town trips. After all, your luggage carries your essentials for your trip. Due to the constant movement of personal belongings from one place to another, your luggage would most likely be exposed to germs, dirt, and dust that can easily be transferred to your home. That's why it is essential to clean and sanitise your suitcase after every trip properly.

In this article, we list down ways to effectively clean your luggage. Read on below to get started.

#1 - Don’t Bring Dirty Luggage into Your Home

Before cleaning your luggage, make sure that you do not bring it inside your house. You don’t want to get any dirt or germs inside your home, so keep your luggage in an area that won’t be exposed to any pollution. This could either be your driveway or your garage. After that, you can proceed with cleaning your luggage.

#2 - Unpack and Clean Your Clothes First

One of the first things that most people do after unpacking their luggage is to hang their clothes immediately. This is a big no-no. Instead, you have to make sure that you first unpack and clean your clothes. This is because clothes are usually the dirtiest of all items packed inside your luggage.

#3 - Sanitize the Areas That Are Often Touched

Aside from your clothes, you need also to clean the areas that are often touched. These include the straps and handle of your luggage. Ensure that you wash all the dirt from the areas frequently touched by your hands or others when in transit.

#4 - Clean the Exterior of Your Suitcase

One of the most common ways to sanitise your luggage is to clean its exterior. This involves cleaning the seams. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the seams to ensure no dirt or dust is left. After cleaning the seams, you can also clean the exterior with disinfectant.

#5 - Clean the Interior of Your Suitcase

Now you can proceed and clean the interior of your suitcase. This involves wiping down the pockets with a damp towel. You should also wipe down the entire interior using a disinfectant spray. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the interior to be clean and ready for your next trip.

#6 - Sanitize the Zipper of Your Suitcase

One of the essential parts of your luggage is the zipper. You need to make sure that your zipper is clean. Therefore, wipe down the entire zipper using a damp towel. After that, you can spray some disinfectant on the zipper. Finally, you can wipe down the zipper using a dry towel.

#7 - Dry Your Suitcase Thoroughly

After cleaning and sanitising your suitcase, make sure that you dry it thoroughly. This would ensure that all the bacteria within your luggage would be eradicated. You can wipe down any remaining wet areas with a dry towel.

#8 - Place Your Suitcase in a Bag for Storage

After cleaning and sanitising your suitcase, you need to place it in a bag. This is because suitcases can easily collect dirt and dust if you leave them out in the open. Therefore, bagging your suitcase will help keep them clean and avoid dirt from one trip from transferring to your next.


Cleaning your suitcase is a must, especially if it has been exposed to a ton of dirt and germs while you’re out. Remember to follow the steps above to ensure that your luggage is clean and ready for your next trip. Although you and your family would be more than willing to use your clean luggage for your next trip, be sure to keep it in your storage until the time comes.

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