4 Ways To Wear a Crossbody Bag and Their Practicality

While many people wear crossbody bags thanks to their convenience and utility, many more people wear them over other luggage solutions because they're trendy and look great! Of course, practicality is still the number one reason to purchase a bag, but depending on how you wear crossbody bags, you might find practicality to change drastically.

If you're here today looking for ways to wear a crossbody bag not only to look great but also to maximise its utility, you're in the right place. Here are some ways to wear a crossbody bag and how it affects how you use it:

  1. On Your Hip

This isn't the most common way to wear a crossbody bag. In fact, you might have never seen anyone wear a crossbody bag on the hip. However, this doesn't mean you cannot do so! With a bag right on your hip, no more do you have to fumble around looking for your purse when shopping. The bag is easily in your reach, and all you need to do is to reach down to your left or right to access the bag. For those with mobility issues, this can be a great way to access the bag. Since it is resting on the hip, a person can have one hand on a cane or rail while the other hand rummages through the bag. 

  1. On Your Back

Like a typical backpack, you can wear a crossbody bag right behind your back. This is typically done by those who are doing mild to moderate activities, such as hiking. Since it is on the back, it is out of the way of the person's face, ensuring that they make the most out of their exercise or any other rigorous activity they're doing.

  1. On Your Chest

Another great way to wear a crossbody bag is to wear it on the chest. Much like how a hip-worn crossbody bag is easy to access, a crossbody rested on the chest is the same. For those with mobility issues, this is also a great way to wear the bag, simply because it doesn't get in the way of the hands, unlike how a shoulder-worn bag or handbag might be so.

  1. On Your Stomach

If you are walking around an unknown neighbourhood and want to ensure you know where your belongings are at all times, wearing the crossbody bag on the stomach is an excellent way to keep track of it. All your valuables in it are going to be safe under your watchful eyes. Of course, we recommend that you avoid any unsafe situations at all costs, but if you are unable to avoid such places, wearing your bag in front of you or on your stomach is a good safety measure.


However you wear your crossbody bag, that's up to you. Just remember that the way you wear it will significantly affect its practicality. Also, your needs for the bag should be reflected in its position on your body. That being said, remember to be daring! From its position on your body to the fashion you pair it with, don't be afraid to be experimental. You never know what perfect match you come up with that maximises both looks and utility, allowing you to wear your crossbody bag proudly. Also, be sure to purchase high-quality crossbody bags. This will ensure that the bag not only looks great but will offer maximum utility and durability.

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