6 Key Habits for Protecting a Canvas Gym Bag from Bacteria

6 Key Habits for Protecting a Canvas Gym Bag from Bacteria

A canvas gym bag is known as quite a perfect way to tote your workout gear to and from the gym. But, just like any other type of bag, a canvas gym bag can become a breeding ground for bacteria if it's not properly cleaned and maintained. 

Plus, bacteria can cause the bag to become smelly and can also lead to the growth of mould and mildew. Along with all that, the bacteria can cause the canvas to rot and degrade over time. That's why protecting your canvas gym bag from bacteria is important.

Here are a few habits to incorporate into your daily routine in order to ensure that the canvas gym bag is protected from bacteria.

1) Separate Sweaty Clothes

After a workout, it's important to separate your sweaty clothes from the rest of your gear in your canvas gym bag. This will help to prevent the growth of bacteria and will also keep your bag from smelling. Try to keep all the used clothes in a plastic or reusable laundry bag that you can store in the canvas bag. Remember to put the sweaty clothes away as well.

2) Avoid Contamination from Shoes

Just like sweaty sportswear, gym shoes can track in a lot of dirt and bacteria from outside. To avoid contaminating your canvas gym bag, always place your shoes in a separate bag when you're not wearing them. This will help keep the bag clean and prevent your shoes from getting wet if they're stored in the bag.

3) Unpack as Soon as You’re Home

When you get home from the gym, Make it a point to unpack your canvas bag as soon as possible. Unpacking as soon as you get home will help to keep your bag clean and organised. On top of that, unpacking as soon as you get home will help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your bag from smelling. It also preps the bag for your next workout session.

4) Wash the Refillable Containers

If you use refillable containers for your workout drinks or snacks, make sure to wash them out as soon as you get home. For instance, empty out water bottles and clean any lunchbox that was used. Aside from minimising the chances of spills and spoilage, this will help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your canvas gym bag from smelling.

5) Protect Your Toiletries

If you store toiletries in your canvas gym bag, protect them from leaks. For example, store liquids in leak-proof containers and keep them upright to prevent spillage. It might also be best to consider storing toiletries in a separate bag to keep them from coming into contact with your other belongings.

6) Frequently Clean Out the Gym Bag

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you should clean out your canvas gym bag frequently. In fact, even if you aren't, clean out your gym bag on a more regular basis. When you get home, take out all of the items in the bag, wash out the bag and dry it. If any of your items need to be cleaned, do it right away.


Taking some simple steps to prevent bacteria from taking over your canvas gym bag will help you keep it looking and smelling fresh, minimising the chances of bacteria. On top of all that, it will also help the bag last longer.

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