5 Historical Reasons Why Bags Became Staples in Men’s Fashion

5 Historical Reasons Why Bags Became Staples in Men’s Fashion

Bags were not always part of the standard fashion in men. However, for various historical reasons, men now incorporate bags of all sizes and styles into their everyday outfits, serving as their means to carry more items on the road.

Nowadays, men bring all sorts of bags, but not limited to bulky and large-sized bags. But when did men start using bags, and which factors influenced their choices today? Here are some historical reasons why bags became staples in men’s fashion.

  1. Wartime Needs


The harsh reality of war is that it often requires soldiers to carry heavy loads of equipment and supplies. It is a burden that can weigh heavily on a soldier’s mind and body and can be a source of great stress and hardship. Therefore, bags served an essential role in winning the war.


During wars, men had to carry a lot of equipment and supplies. Bags served as extra hands soldiers used to carry more ammunition or anything they needed to protect themselves from the war. However, packs are then only wrapped around their waist for easy access.


  1. Media Influence


The rise of Indiana Jones in the media served as a Kickstarter for men to wear satchel bags. Influenced by Harrison Ford, these bags became the trend men would later support, eventually becoming a revolution as schoolboys wanted them more than regular school bags.


A few years later, satchel bags became the most-wanted bags due to the influence of Stranger Things. Set in the early '80s, Jonathan, a character played by actor Charlie Heaton wore the bag as part of the character's identity. Soon, it became the talk of the town due to the show.


  1. Metrosexuality


The rise of metrosexuality has been a major contributor to the increasing popularity of satchel bags. Men are now more conscious of their looks and style and want to look their best. Satchel bags fit perfectly in the metro look, as they are seen as stylish.


The metrosexual trend has also encouraged men to accessorise more, and satchel bags are the perfect accessory to add a touch of style and sophistication to any outfit. Although there are still judgements against the trends, metrosexuality sparked something in men's fashion.


  1. Modernisation


Modernisation has also played a role in the increasing popularity of satchel bags. With the rise of technology and the internet, people are now more aware of the latest trends and styles. It allowed people to explore different types and trends, and bags became part of the picture.


In addition, with the rise of e-commerce, it has become easier to purchase bags from online stores. Therefore, the improvement in shopping habits made it more accessible and easier to buy a bag, contributing to its increasing popularity.


  1. Practicality


Finally, the practicality of satchel bags is one of the main reasons behind their increasing popularity. Satchel bags are convenient and can be used for formal and informal occasions. They are usually lightweight and have multiple pockets, making them easy to carry around. Furthermore, they are also very durable, making them an excellent long-term investment.




In conclusion, the increasing popularity of men's bags can be attributed to their fashionable design, affordability, availability, and practicality. With their stylish look and practical features, men's bags are becoming a favourite among people of all ages. As a result, the demand for men's bags is only expected to increase.

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