Travelling in One Backpack 9 Simple Tips You Need to Know

One backpack travel is a skill that can be developed over time. Even the most seasoned travellers struggle with the impulse to overpack, and the majority will undoubtedly acknowledge hurriedly packing extra goods. 

Living off of just one piece of luggage is both liberating and exhilarating. When you carry huge luggage, it's uncomfortable on public transportation, difficult to drag around town, and airlines will charge you more. 

With all that weight, you're less inclined to venture off the main road, and locating your belongings when and where you need them is challenging.

Therefore, consider the following guidelines if your objective is to travel less and pack less with one of the best backpacks in London. 

Sit on It First 

Are ten shirts really necessary? Most likely not. Don't pack anything that you can't wear more than once or that takes a long time to dry overnight.

It's not practical to wear your shirt twice if you're going on a hike and will be sweating all day (but pack some powder detergent in a ziplock bag just in case!). However, if you only intend to go sightseeing, likely, you won't have any issues wearing at least some of your clothing more than once.

Avoid overpacking and stick to your tried-and-true faves. You can change your wardrobe every day, or just change your city.

Pick Clothing 

Consider the material of your outfit! Only bring lightweight items that you can fold and fit in your backpack in London. 

If you need to do some laundry while on your trip, this clothing is lightweight, takes up less room, and dries considerably faster.

Keep Dark-Colored Clothing In Mind

You should evaluate your clothing's colour and practicality in addition to the fabric and stitching.

Darker apparel blends well with whatever pair of shoes or jeans you bring and is less likely to reveal stains. Dark t-shirts work well for dressing up for a fancy meal and sports.

For More Space, Put On Your Jeans And Jacket

When travelling, dress in your bulkiest, heaviest clothing! Most of your pack space will be occupied by just these two items (you can apply this rule if travelling with heavy hiking shoes).

Tie it around your waist or the straps of your pack if it's too hot for a jacket.

Two Pairs of Shoes Maximum

Bring no more than two pairs of shoes. Sneakers that may be worn for informal dining and athletic pursuits should be one of your footwear options.

If you must pack a second pair of shoes, choose ones for formal events or fine dining. 

Pack Only The Necessary Toiletries

Only bring toiletries that are unavailable where you're going on vacation. You can save a lot of space by purchasing toiletries when you arrive unless you're travelling to a remote or extremely rural area.

Most of the time, hotels will offer you the basic toiletries you need. Soap, moisturiser, conditioner, and shampoo. Most will also have toothpaste, razors, and toothbrushes on hand for you. Finding toiletries while travelling is simple and frequently more affordable than buying them.

Don't Fold—Instead, Roll Your Clothes

Roll your garments into your pack rather than folding or balling them up. How much space this can save will astound you.

This also makes it simpler for you to dig through your backpack's contents more effectively without throwing anything out.

Purchase A Quick-Dry Towel

At my neighbourhood sports store, I made an impulse purchase of one of these excellent towels. It's possible that you won't need this item if you're staying in a hotel. However, this could save your life if you stay in hostels. It even functions as a beach towel if travelling to a more tropical location.

Bring A Travel Guidebook With You

Reading is one of the simplest ways to pass the time during extended travel periods. But books weigh a lot. Period. Additionally, they occupy a LOT of needless room in your backpack.

If you do decide to bring a book along, only bring one. After finishing your reading, you can exchange with other passengers who are always open to trading. Or visit the library at the hotel or hostel, where visitors can trade books.


Last but not least, always pack your essentials first. You should bring your underwear, t-shirts, socks, and other essentials. In this manner, you can leave out those fewer essential goods if you run out of space while packing and avoid having to rummage through your bag to find them. Also, if you need to buy bags in London, choose a durable and compact backpack for your travels! 

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